6 Gift Ideas for the Animal Lover in Your Life.

Choosing gifts usually involve taking a look at someone’s interests. If they love video games, then you usually get them something related to their favorite games. If they enjoy comics, then purchase a gift based on their favorite franchise. If they love to cook, then perhaps a cookbook or a set of new cooking gear will put a smile on their face.

When it comes to animals, however, it can often be difficult to try and pick the right gift because it’s such a varied interest. Once you find out what type of animals your recipient likes, here are a couple of unique and fun gifts that you could get them.

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  1. Toys for their pets

If your recipient has a pet they absolutely adore, then getting that pet some toys or a gift in general would be a wonderful idea. However, you may want to learn a bit more about their pets before you buying something they may already have or don’t like.

  1. Animal-related books

There are plenty of fun and unique books around that are perfect for animal lovers. You could get a silly gag book with jokes that only animal lovers would understand, or you could get something educational like a book that helps them train their dogs.

  1. Animal-related clothing

There are some wonderful and amazing animal shirt designs that you can get from all over the internet. Some of them are funny, some look great, and others are quirky. With so much choice to pick from, you’ll be browsing around the internet looking for the perfect shirt for your recipient. Make sure to get animals that you recipient likes so that it fits their interests.

  1. Adopt an animal gift

Animal adoption can be done for an incredibly cheap cost per month. It ensures that the animals are provided with care and protection, and you’ll also receive a unique little gift pack and regular updates on how they are doing. These make fantastic gifts for people who love wild animals but don’t have the means to go and see them on a safari, or if it’s not possible to own one as a pet. You can pick from all kinds of animals such as elephants, big cats, bears or even primates.

  1. Pet tracking

A pet tracking device makes the perfect gift for a new pet owner. Trackers are usually small enough to fit on a collar which makes them discreet enough to not bother the pet themselves. It can give your recipient peace of mind when their pet runs off or if they like to explore the neighborhood on their own.

  1. Stuffed toy animals

Stuffed toys make wonderful gifts for young animal-lovers. You can get all kinds of size and types of animals. Make sure you get something high-quality instead of a cheap knockoff from an unknown brand, especially if you’re gifting it to a child that likes to play with them.


  1. My nephew’s birthday is coming up and I need to get him something that he will love. He is absolutely obsessed with Polar Bears and other animals. I like your idea to get a stuffed toy animal so he can have the animal he loves with him all the time.

  2. These are wonderful gift ideas! I have so many pet lovers on my gift list but I’m never sure what to get them. A stuffed animal is a great idea, fun, sweet and so thoughtful. I need to start my holiday shopping, this is a great list for sure!

  3. These are great gift ideas. We are big time animal lovers and so are most of our family members and friends. We have several that buy gifts for our dogs every year for Christmas. It’s so nice.

  4. As a pet parent and animal lover, I especially love the adopt an animal gift idea. There are so many great organizations out there that need help, and this is such a meaningful gift. My dogs, on the other hand, would say “give my Mom toys for me!!” They can never have enough toys, especially since they eat all of them, lol.

  5. This is so cute! My friend is a dog owner/pet lover and I know these would make both Spike(the dog) and her very happy. Can’t wait to share!

  6. We have two golden retrievers at our house and this year, instead of gifts, we’ve been doing more things together. On the weekends, we’ll go to the lake, find a new park to walk around, or simply take a road trip with the windows down and the wind in their fur. Not only is it fun for them, but my husband I get to stop at small town cafes along the way.

  7. Such a fun list of gift ideas for pet owners. The adopt an animal gift is something that I have done for a number of my family members and friends. They love it!! We adopted a manatee for my husband a few years ago! ha!

  8. In the past, whenever we’ve had a few extra dollars around the holidays, we’ll buy something for the pet shelter. It breaks my heart that dogs and cats in shelters and if I could take them all, I would in a heartbeat. All of these are great gift ideas!

  9. This list is so sweet! I would love for someone to purchase some toys for my cat as a gift idea to me. Our cat is a family member to me, so that would be a touching gift.

  10. I used to give my grandmother toys for her pet all the time for different holidays. She had everything that she wanted/needed, but she loved to spoil her dog. I liked knowing that I was getting her something that she would actually use, even if it was for her pet.

  11. I adore the adopt an animal gift. We’re looking at doing just that for the kids. They both want more pets but I’m kind of done with animals in the house. I think we’ll adopt a panda for our daughter. They need help and she loves them.

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