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50 Shades of Chromotherapy! Ease Your Mind and Body with the Power of Colors.

We all know that light is composed of colors, but did you know that light also consists of both chemical and emotional elements? This can be used to heal both the body and the mind, which is the basic principle of Chromotherapy.

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy, also sometimes referred to as color therapy, is a type of therapy often facilitated in the treatments of alternative health practitioners. Chromotherapy is a form of vibrational remedy and often incorporates the use of chi energies in living organisms such as plants, gemstones, water and sunlight.

Color is simply a form of visible light, and all primary colors carry their own unique healing properties. A therapist trained in color therapy applies light and color in the form of visualization and tools to balance energy in the areas of our bodies that are lacking vibrancy. That could be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Chromotherapy for the mind

Chromotherapy can be used to enhance your mind and spirit. We deal with a lot of stress in our daily lives, more than we often realize, and color therapy can help combat this. It really depends on the therapist as well as the individual taking the therapy how this works, just looking at colors is often not enough

When you want the full benefits of Chromotherapy, the individual usually has to concentrate on the body part or condition that the color or colors correspond with. Therapists will often use saunas or so-called ‘’walk-in tubs’’ that make it easier for an individual to concentrate on the color.

If you want to try chromotherapy at home, there are programs such as Multimeditation available that combine meditation with chromotherapy. This guided meditation program uses a combination of color, music, natural sounds and videos to help you experience the full benefits of Chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy for the body

When this therapy is used to help heal the body, it utilizes colors based on their electrical and healing properties. It is believed that some colors help to cool nerves down and soothe pain, while others might help amplify a feeling or even heat the blood. Let’s discuss a few examples of how color therapy can help heal the body

–       In Chromotherapy, red is used to stimulate and increase the blood flow. You will often see red being used in rooms to cheer hospital patients up. Of course, it’s also the color of love. Red colored baths and red light therapy have actually helped patients recover from a paralytic state.

–       Blue and violet colors have cooling and electrical properties. These colors are often used to help soothe the brain and serves, and has helped patients recover from nervousness, anxiety or even rheumatism. Blue and violet lights are also often used as nightlights, as they can help calm a patient down.

In conclusion, Chromotherapy is one of the most ancient forms of therapy out there, and knows many different forms. This type of therapy is used in many different parts of the world, and lots of people still experience the benefits every day. When used in the right way, Chromotherapy can soothe both mental and physical strain without the use of traditional medication. Chromotherapy helps to boost the natural healing properties of the body and will not only cure diseases, but also prevent them.


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