5 Ways to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

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It’s almost time for kids everywhere to return to school. That’s always a significant adjustment after a fun summer. This year’s efforts will require a unique approach due to coronavirus. That said, you can still plan for your kids’ first days. A little preparation can ensure your children have a smooth experience over these next weeks.

Here are five tips and tricks to get your kids ready for back to school.

1. Buy Appropriate Supplies

Your kids should have their supplies before school starts. You may need to buy specific items later, like graphing calculators or poster boards. That said, you should cover your bases so that each child arrives to class ready to learn. You’ll also want to consider pandemic-specific gear such as masks and sanitizer. Here’s a look at what each kid should stow inside their backpack:

  • Pencils, pens and highlighters
  • A three-ring binder for each class
  • A folder for each class
  • A few spiral notebooks
  • Glue and scissors

These basics should guide them through their first week. You can always add items as you need them. Otherwise, you may spend money on supplies that your kids’ schools already provide. If your children’s teachers offer shopping lists for their classrooms, it’s best to take a look at those. This way, your kids will be ready for their first days without any issues.

2. Schedule a Check-Up

It’s essential to schedule a routine physical check-up for your kids. These appointments can help you and their pediatrician touch base. As a result, you’ll be able to address topics like healthy diets so that your children lead a balanced life. Plus, your children may need a few vaccines before school begins. You should check that their prescriptions are up-to-date, as well.

As your children accomplish new milestones, it’s necessary to communicate with your family’s health professionals. Your children can plan for a successful school year when you make their health a priority. A yearly physical check-up should be as important as school supplies for this reason. It’s even more essential when they have to attend school amid a global pandemic.

3. Talk About Organization

You should become more organized before school starts. You’ve probably used your kitchen table as a workspace for previous school years. If your kids plan to have any classes online, it’s necessary to set up those areas correctly. They should be comfortable, quiet and clean. This way, it’ll be easier to complete homework, exams and other school-related responsibilities when they come home.

It’s smart to ask your kids to organize their materials, as well. Their binders and folders should be labeled so that they know where to store specific materials. If they prefer to use their rooms as workspaces, it’s best to provide a desk so that they have a dedicated place to work. In any case, you should work together to ensure each child takes an organized approach to their school year.

4. Start a Morning Routine

It’s easy for kids to take a more relaxed approach to summer. After all, it’s their longest break. That said, it’s essential for them to jump back into their usual schedules sooner rather than later. If they’ve woken up at 10 a.m. since May, it’s a bit tricky to reset to a 6:30 a.m. alarm without practice. They should use these next few weeks to slowly readjust to their old morning routines.

Ask your kids to wake up earlier each day. Their goal should be to dress and eat before they’d need to leave for school. You can also prepare for extracurriculars that happen when school starts. It’s time to ditch those afternoon video game sessions for online Spanish lessons. Be sure to discuss these changes with your family. Everyone should know what to expect.

5. Complete a Test Run

Before their first day, you and your kids should conduct a test run. Your children may have to transition to a new school building — or, they need to practice how to log onto their online classes. Either way, it’s smart to simulate these situations so that you can adjust any hiccups. Plus, you’ll be able to reorient yourself so that you’re prepared for these mornings as well.

Choose a day about a week before school starts. Your children should wake up, get dressed and eat breakfast. They’ll either head to your car or their laptops so that they can be at school on time. You can even drive to their school so that they know where to enter and exit. These activities will help your kids feel more confident on their real first day.

These Ideas Will Make Your Kids’ First Day Much Smoother

Your back to school experience doesn’t have to be stressful. These tips and tricks will ensure that your children’s first day goes off without a hitch.



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