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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Home Like A Pro.

Spring cleaning is a task that the majority of us loathe and dread. But making your home feel fresh and new can be highly beneficial. It can bring some order back into your life, boost functionality and makes your home easier to clean, to name a few. So while it may be a job you dislike, your home life could be transformed by doing it. One thing that puts many people off is the thought of how long it will take. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be done all in one day. But the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of a clean home. To help you get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently, here are five ways to spring clean your home like a pro.



 Refresh your family’s beds

We spend a large portion of our lives asleep and in bed. So spring cleaning every bed in your home is an absolute must to encourage a better night’s sleep for all. Wash all of the duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets like normal. But also wash the duvets, mattress protectors, pillows and scatter cushions. Always check the washing instructions on the labels to ensure you get the best quality wash. If you only have a small washing machine you may need to find a local laundromat with larger machines to do this. While your bedding is washing, vacuum the mattresses on a low setting to remove dust and hair. Then flip them so they continue to stay in good shape. This will give your whole family a more comfortable and clean bed to sleep in each night.


Organize your wardrobes

It’s likely that your family has got a lot of clothing. Some of which may no longer be age appropriate, not fit correctly or look faded and dull. Spend an afternoon sorting through the wardrobes in your home with your family’s help. Have labelled bags that say donate, throw away or keep and place these in each room that requires them. Also, invest in some new hangers to replace any that may be broken or unsuitable for your clothing. Encourage everyone in your family to donate clothing and shoes that no longer fit but are still in good condition. Clothing that is ruined or faded should be thrown away. These items are taking up valuable space you could put to much better use. Once done throw away your old clothes and take your donated items to a local charity store immediately. This will prevent any of you from changing your mind and returning the clothing back into your wardrobes. Color code or group together the items you want to keep and hang them up neatly. This will make it far easier for everyone to get dressed in the morning and you’ll all feel good about donating to a good cause.



 Deep clean your fridge

 A family fridge is one of the most used appliances in a home and deserves some TLC for all the hard work it does. So get a bin bag and sort through every single compartment in your fridge. While you probably do get rid of out of date food each week, there are probably some still lurking in the back or in a drawer. So check the best before dates on every item and throw away anything spoiled or past it’s best food and condiments. Once this is done, take out the shelves, drawers and compartment pieces and give them a thorough clean. Use hot water, soap and a disinfectant to get rid of stains, germs and bacteria. This should leave them looking and smelling cleaner and fresher as a result. Don’t forget to clean the outside of your fridge as this will enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of the appliance.


Declutter your bathroom

 Many toiletries will become ineffective over time, as will some medicines and cosmetics. So go through your bathroom or bedroom drawers and cupboards and get rid of anything that is out of date and no longer needed. Once de-cluttered, clean out the drawer or cabinet to get rid of hair, stains and dust. This will make it smell fresh and make it more hygienic to use every day.  Assign drawers for the items you want to keep, so it’s easier to find what you need when you need it. You should also replace any stained or worn towels, bathmats and shower curtains. This will transform your bathroom and make it a more appealing space to be in.



 Don’t forget your garden

If you have a garden, this is an ideal opportunity to spruce up your outdoor space too. While it might be too cold to plant new flowers and bushes just yet, that doesn’t mean your garden should be forgotten about. To begin with you need to start raking up leaves, removing weeds and trimming back and tidying up your plants. This will encourage new growth and help your plants flourish. You could also hire a gardening expert like Jim’s Mowing, who can mow the lawn, remove your rubbish and help to landscape your garden. Sort through the equipment, toys and tools that are kept in your shed or garage, if it’s become a dumping ground more than a functional space. Get rid of anything broken, out of date or unnecessary. Doing this will make these storage areas easier to negotiate and more organized. You may also want to hire a pressure washer to get rid of dirt, grime and stains that might have developed on your decking, patio, shed and driveway. This will brighten them up and make them look brand new and inviting. You can also use the pressure washer to clean your outdoor bins to remove unpleasant odors.


Now you know what you have to do; you can start making your home feel like new. Freshening up your home needn’t be a mammoth task. Some of these tips and tricks take little time but can make a significant difference to your life. So start your spring cleaning today and enjoy being in your home a lot more.




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