5 Ways to Live Even Healthier This Year

The problem with New Years resolutions is, of course, keeping them. If you’re serious about your wellness, don’t make a resolution just because of the time of year: make one when you’re really ready to change. Studies show that people who set goals and make resolutions throughout the year are more likely to stick to them and achieve results.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than the present to start living better. If you want to start improving yourself and stay healthy all year with inspiring goals, check out these tips to help get you started. There might be an aspect of wellness you’re overlooking!

  1. Are You Eating Right?

 You hear it all the time, but the first major step to living better is eating better. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a diet. In fact, diets aren’t actually the best way to create healthy eating habits.

Diets are, by definition, temporary. When the diet it over and you’ve lost the weight, most people go right back to their old habits. Before you know it, you’re trapped in a cycle of weight gain and dieting.

Instead, try making small, gradual changes to the way you eat. Think of it not as a diet, but as a new lifestyle. Make changes you can really stick with, not ones you can’t wait to ditch.

  1. Is Your Exercise Routine Something That You Enjoy?

 Exercise goes hand in hand with eating right. You won’t really see of feel results without both. But fad exercise is just like dieting – if you only do it short term, you’ll quickly find yourself in a cycle of weight loss and gain.

Instead, try different forms of exercise until you find something you actually enjoy. When you like what you’re doing, you’re much more likely to stick with it. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. Try things you’ve never tried before – you just might surprise yourself.

  1. Do You Have Control of Your Mental Health?

 Healthy living means more than just taking care of your body – you also need to take care of your mind. Mental health not only plays a huge role in your day-to-day life, but it also has significant impacts to your physical health.

Whether you’re living with mental illness, addiction, a traumatic event, or even just regular stress, take time every day to check in on your mental health. If you’re struggling, don’t put off getting professional help – experts will help you treat more than just the addiction or mental illness. They’ll help you develop new and healthier skills to tackle your problems.

  1. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Getting more – and better – sleep is another key component of living well. A lot of us struggle to get the recommended 8 hours every night. Whether there’s just too much on your mind or too much to do, many people have trouble falling and staying asleep, let alone have a consistent schedule!

If this sounds like you, try some of these techniques:

-Avoid all screens an hour before bed – TV and cell phones

-Use blue light filters

-Practice meditation and deep breathing in the evenings

-Don’t eat late dinners

-Avoid caffeine after lunchtime

If those aren’t working, you can also talk to your doctor about sleeping supplements – either over the counter or natural remedies.

  1. Are You Taking Life With A Grain of Salt?

It seems like the world today is full of hatred and negativity. It is easy to find a sad news story or outrageous politician pretty much everywhere you look. It’s hard to stay positive, but try to take these things with a grain of salt. They’ll affect the outlook on your routine. If you’re not seeing results or give into bad habits, you’re more likely to be harder on yourself.

Step back, take a deep breath – or two – and try to think through the issue. Get your news from a variety of sources, and make it a yearlong resolution to always seek the complete


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