5 Tips for Using Twitter for Business Marketing

Twitter is quite different from any other social media platform, since it has less time for post availability. Furthermore, higher level of traffic makes it even more difficult to stay on the same page for not more than 18 minutes.

Thus, in this thronging crowd, the tweets get lost and demand a ton of energy to stay on the newsfeed. So for sure, to get most of the attention from the crowd you need some special techniques and tricks. Moreover, if business marketing is the concern then the struggle is real, so to speak.

Today, we are discussing a few tips to support more traffic towards your tweets. Likewise, these tricks are so simple that you can easily use them.

Lead with a good profile

The first impression is the last impression!

This statement is true 100% as a picture and name are the first impressions that everyone sees. That is why your twitter profile look has the most importance for marketing purpose. For this reason we suggest getting a brand name; small, easy and well spelled.

All these points are just to get the most attention easily and conveniently. After the name generation, there comes a matter of a profile picture. You need a creative, catchy and relevant profile picture gathering all the traffic towards the profile.

For even more improvement, use bright colors, get your bio done by professionals and then last but not the least get verified.

Daily updates with engaging content

The other aspect that should never be underestimated is the daily tweets and updates. The tweets need to be either innovative or funny, to get most of the attention. Moreover, the daily updates should have engaging keywords following SEO tricks.

Furthermore, the content should be helpful and knowledgeable grabbing all the courtesy. In addition, the use of videos and GIFs will also be a big plus, because the visual data is more effective for marketing.

Timing is the real deal

The most important key is the timing of tweets. Research shows that people use twitter more during weekends. The peak hours are mostly evening time after 5 pm, so tweeting at these times would be very helpful for your brand.

Moreover, multiple tweets should follow each other back to back, but try not to overdo anything.

Hashtags are key

hashtags are crucial for marketing as these words enable searching for topics as smooth like butter. The optimal number of hashtags is two, and if you overuse them then it would severely lower the engagements of your target audience.

PromoRepublic is Your Best Solution For Easy and Effective Twitter Profile Management

As mentioned, daily updates are essential to making your profile successful on Twitter. However, time runs quick like water in the modern world, and it’s challenging to manage your social media profile and make timely updates. You need the right tool that will help you manage Twitter profile easily, and PromoRepublic is an excellent solution here. This social media management tool allows you to keep an eye on your content performance on Twitter and schedule tweets for the most effective hours. Here you can learn more about how PromoRepublic can contribute to your success on Twitter https://promorepublic.com/en/twitter.php.

In this article, we stated that your target audience has its “most loved” time to check the updates on Twitter. That’s why it is so important to select hours that are the most effective for posting to make the audience coverage as huge as possible. PromoRepublic helps you choose the time for posting and schedule all the tweets in advance.

Moreover, this social media management tool can make the content on your Twitter profile even more eye-catching with the images and GIFs from Promorepublic Library with 6000+ templates designed for 17+ industries. It also has a built-in Graphics Editor that allows easily customize visuals and adjust them to the needed size. These features can significantly save you time and effort otherwise spent on Twitter profile management.

However, each good marketer knows that posting is not an easy thing. The thing is to analyze the content performance and rethink your approaches to social media marketing each time you do some research. It helps apply the changes timely and make the content even more effective. PromoRepublic gives you an opportunity to track your Twitter performance by providing you with all the essential metrics on tweets when you schedule your next posts. Make your content strategy based on real data.

If you should manage several Twitter accounts and organize the content teamwork; you need the right tool that will help you. Besides tweet scheduling, PromoRepublic allows for managing this process together with your team members and clients by inviting them in separate workspaces.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is a social media giant today. If you want to be successful, you should look awesome on all the social networks, especially on Twitter. Craft eye-catching content, make the daily updates, track your tweet performance, and continuously adjust your content strategy to the target audience’s needs.

By uniting all these fantastic features, PromoRepublic will become your magic wand that helps do it quickly and fast. A social media marketer can enjoy a cup of coffee while PromoRepublic is performing all the routine tasks. We hope all the above-mentioned tips and hints on Twitter profile management will add value to your online presence and help you grow.



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