5 Tips for Mothers Going Back to School

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When you have children and return to school, you need to prepare and organize your time effectively. Below we have tips for mothers returning to school that will help you prepare for this change.


Transform a Quiet Space In Your Home Into a Study Corner

You will need a quiet space in your home to study if you go back to school where the kids do not disturb you, as a three-year-old boy’s voice can be louder than 200 adults talking in a restaurant! A desk with a comfortable chair, a computer, or a laptop where you can work will help make study sessions more productive. You could set up a desk near the kitchen to give yourself some privacy but leave you available to the family. Another option is setting up a desk and workspace in a corner of your bedroom or family room. Try to have access to everything you need, such as books, paper, a computer, a calculator, and pens, in your study area. Try to study in a sunny area with a comfortable temperature.

Find other places to study outside the home, too. When you attend classes, study at the college library or even your local public library. The local book store or coffee shop may be another ideal place to stop to work on your assignments. Many have WiFi for computers available as well. Another idea is to get a study partner whose children are in school, in daycare, or at a relative’s home. This can create some quiet time for you to study with others.

Utilize On-Campus Resources

Take advantage of on-campus resources to help you with your studies. Most colleges have tutoring centers available to help with math, writing, using computers, and other subjects. Why should you struggle with complex tasks when you can get professional help at school? The library is another good resource for students, as they have available books, videos, computers, magazines, and journals. Most schools have a cafeteria or café where you can purchase healthy meals or snacks while attending classes. Some offer child care services and financial aid through grants, loans, and scholarships as well.

Create a Family Schedule

Create a schedule for yourself and your family. Schedule time to study when the kids are in school or you’re on campus. Perhaps family members or neighbors can babysit for you to help give you time to study. Computer users often spend 40 seconds on a task and then switch to another, so you need access to an excellent laptop to allow you to work quickly and efficiently. This may mean that you need to create a family schedule for computer and laptop use if everyone in your home shares one.

Analyze your daily routine and try to determine what is important to your studies. Try your schedule out for a week and make changes as needed. Ask for help with the kids from family members and friends. Cut out unnecessary activities and learn to say no when needed.

Establish Yourself As a Careerwoman Online

When you are studying a particular field in school, connecting with professionals can help with getting a job or work experience in the future. When your school offers work-study, this is one of the best ways to gain experience in your profession or volunteer to get experience. Using social networks online will help you connect with other professionals in your field, too. LinkedIn is a social and business network that has over 500 million members scattered around the globe. You can establish a professional profile on LinkedIn, join groups, and look for work through this network.

Facebook is another popular social media platform with professional groups that you can join. It has business for networking with professionals in your field. When you are searching for a job, there are many job sites to use online that can help you apply for a job with advice on writing resumes to answering interview questions. Utilizing these resources will give you an edge over candidates and help you establish yourself as a careerwoman to the public.

Make Time for Yourself

Try to take time for yourself to exercise to relieve stress during the day. Doing housework is exercise, buy gardening, yoga, and walking are fun options as well. Take the stairs when you’re out or park a distance away and walk when you’re at school. Plan meals ahead so you eat healthy snacks or meals.

Often, with kids, taking time for yourself means scheduling time early in the morning, late at night, when they go to school, or having someone watch them for a date night. Learn some techniques to relieve stress, like deep breathing, yoga, drinking tea, and maintaining a regular exercise routine. Ask family members or friends to help with your kids so you can take necessary and deserved breaks from being a student and parent.

These are some tips to help you with returning to school and coping with your family on a daily basis. With proper time management skills and a focus on your own studies and stress-relieving activities, you’ll be able to be an amazing mother and student!


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