5 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss Coffee

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So, you’ve probably seen your fair share of seedy marketing schemes in recent years, but the new weight loss coffee that people on social media can’t seem to stop talking or posting about really takes the cake. Admittedly, we got curious because we love coffee. However, that also didn’t mean we dove right in and bought the products for ourselves.

Too many lies are being propagated on social media these days that fact-checking should be an all-important first step before buying or trying anything promoted through any social media platform. We’d like to give a shout out, by the way, to Instagram—you guys can make anything look good!

Now, on to the coffee. We really hate to break it to you guys, but it’s all a scam. Great reviews and “before and after” photos may be blowing up the internet, but don’t let your eyes and mind deceive you. Today, we’ll help you from getting duped by people who want to exploit your desire to lose weight, so you’ll give them your hard-earned money.

All About Weight Loss Coffee

Here are some of the very important things to remember about the infamous “weight loss coffee”.

1. Weight Loss Is Only Achieved When Combined With a Healthy Lifestyle

Claims of weight loss made by these products can only be accomplished when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. The “don’t do anything and still lose weight” marketing spiel alone should already cause red flags to go up immediately.

A lot of customers may look visibly skinnier or shed pounds at a quick rate, but think about it: first, they could have been paid; second, they could have been exercising and eating healthy; third, the “before and after” photos could be of two different people.

In truth, there isn’t a lot these scammers wouldn’t do to make you think that it was only the coffee that did the job.

2. Ingredients in This Product Can Have Adverse Effects

The side effects are just some of the worst parts about drinking this type of coffee. Did you know that these products can cause anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance, digestive issues, and liver damage?

On top of that, they can also interact with certain medications negatively, either canceling out the effect of the medicine or causing side effects to manifest both mentally and physically.

3. This Coffee Can Suppress Your Appetite

You should definitely be concerned about this coffee’s ability to suppress your appetite. Some people see that as a good thing-guys, it’s not! There are better, healthier ways to shed weight that don’t take a toll on your mind and body.

Appetite-suppressing products mess with your hunger cues and cause you to lose touch with them. Instead of relying on this type of coffee to help, you can eat slowly to reduce hunger and increase fullness.

Staying connected with hunger and satiation signals helps you better manage your weight.

4. Perpetuates the “Dieting” Mentality

Perhaps the biggest issue about these products is that they perpetuate the misleading and sometimes damaging “dieting” mentality, basically entailing that losing weight has both a beginning and end date.

Well, we’ve got news for those who aren’t yet aware of this. It’s not about dieting in the first place; it’s about staying healthy, and staying healthy definitely doesn’t have an end date.

Stay away from Band-Aid solutions, like this product, that cleverly, but sneakily, shift your attention away from the sustainable aspects of diet and lifestyle.

5. Coffee Can Still Be a Weight Loss Tool

We’ve been saying a lot of not-so-good things about the “skinny” coffee that you’re probably contemplating quitting any kind of coffee—don’t!

A disreputable coffee marketing scheme shouldn’t ruin the coffee experience for everyone. It shouldn’t also make you think that coffee is completely useless for losing weight.

If you’re already a coffee drinker, your usual cup of joe already does the trick. It nudges up your metabolic rate and, as you may also note, your heart rate, as well.

Losing Weight with Coffee

When a proper weight management strategy is already in place, then the answer is “yes,” you can lose weight with coffee.

We’ve already gotten it out of your head that coffee makes fats and calories disappear, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t play a part—just a smidge—in the overall act.

Coffee can help in the following ways:

  • Causes your body to produce tiny amounts of adrenaline that signal your brain to break down stored fat so that it can be circulated by the blood
  • Boosts your metabolism by as much as 13%, allowing you to use excess fat as energy

The caveat, however, is that once you fail to implement other weight loss management strategies, your coffee benefits go down the drain.


If you’re looking to maintain or lose weight, you shouldn’t look to coffee as the solution. Instead, assess your overall diet and nutrition and set small and achievable changes to create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

If weight loss coffee has caught your attention and you want to learn more about it, click here to read more.


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