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5 Things that Always Seem to Go Wrong When You Move.

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Everyone always says that there are three major stresses in life:


          Having a child

          …and Relocating!

 Yes. Moving is right up there with the most stressful life events we deal with.

 But why? Aren’t there hundreds of moving companies in Seattle alone? So why is moving still such a headache?

 I went through a rough patch lately where I was forced to move several times due to varying circumstances.

 What I quickly learned was how to mitigate the most common moving mistakes all of us make. I thought I’d share these tips with you as a list.

Here are the mistakes you should avoid.

 The Moving Company

I’m a bargain hunter. So as you can imagine, most of the problems I’ve experience during moving have been with the moving company I chose.

The cheap companies are everywhere. And they remain small cheap companies because they’ve failed to build up a trustworthy reputation.

Most—not all—of these moving companies are not trustworthy. Instead, search for reputable moving services in Seattle that provides a superior service to every guy with a van.

Services like what?

          Insurance for your precious items

          Years of experience with moving heavy items like pianos, antique chest, etc.

          Staff who have grown with the company as reliable movers

          A high regard for fragile and precious items and the means to protect those items

 Choose reputation over price and minimize stress while moving.

Something ALWAYS Breaks

Isn’t it always that one item you tried so hard to break that ends up breaking? It’s happened to me several times.

What I learned from moving so many times is that special items need special treatment.

Here’s how I ensure my fragile and precious items don’t get damaged during a move:

          I choose a company that offers specialized moving companies in Seattle that accommodate my fragile items. If they have ways of transporting these items, choose another company.

          I ensure my items against damage during a move. Many reputable moving services in Seattle offer this additional insurance. if they don’t, ask an insurance company about your options. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

          If you can, transport your fragile item yourself. Sometimes it’s best to trust yourself with valuables rather than anyone else. If this isn’t an option, choose your moving company wisely.

 Know the Difference

 You’ll quickly spot whether a moving company really knows how to transport fragile items or not. Wrapping an art piece in a blanket is NOT professional. Professional movers use equipment and wrappings to protect your items from getting scratched, cracked or broken.

 So if you see that blanket come out during the move, stop everything.

 Missing Items

 It’s always awkward when an item goes missing during a move. You never know whether it just happened by accident, or if someone stole the item.

 That’s why I learned early on to use moving service in Seattle that have dispute processes in place.

 I found that just the idea of having these dispute process in place decreases the chances of disputes arising. It’s like a pre-emptive solution to disputes, which is why I only use companies that offer this service.

 The Post Move Clean

One thing I started to prepare for after my second or third move was the cleaning. It’s quite a nightmare to clean a place when you aren’t prepared!

A broom, a mop and a few buckets with various detergents will make light work of cleaning when you’re all moved out.

If you’ve chosen your moving service wisely, you’ll probably find they offer cleaning as part of their regular services. So cleaning isn’t your problem anymore.


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