5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Homes 

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A home is meant to be a safe haven to let you rest, relax and recharge away from the world. Your home should make you feel calm and tranquil while also providing the amenities you need to stay healthy and productive around the house.

Living in a small space can sometimes cause stress when trying to organize and style your home the way you dream of decorating. But working with small spaces to style and design doesn’t have to be stressful. It may take a little extra creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, but styling a small home can be just as fun and enjoyable as decorating any other size home. 

Small Space Idea #1: Add a Coziness with A Wall-Mounted Fireplace 

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Have you always wanted a fireplace to help keep your home warm and add an element of cozy to a room but didn’t have the space to do so? Well, with a simple wall insert you can add electric fireplaces to any room. 

Not only are electric fireplaces space savers, but they are safe and efficient. Thanks to advances in technology, wall-mounted fireplaces are now powerful enough to heat a room. And they are true space savers as many models do not come out more than ten to twelve inches from the wall.

No matter your décor, there are many options available for style to match the architectural design of your house. You can choose different colors and styles to match the room where the fireplace will be installed. You can also choose the exact location in the room which allows for flexibility when designing a room. With so many choices available, a wall-mounted fireplace is an excellent addition to any small space. 

Small Space Idea #2: Add Floating Tables or Desks to the Walls 

Most homeowners enjoy having a space to store bills or have a workspace for sending emails or checking social media. If you have always wanted more dining options or a small home office but don’t have space, numerous options are available to use space creatively while adding tables or desks to your home. 

Installing a wall-mounted desk or table is a quick fix that can allow you space to eat or work when you need it. The beauty of installing a floating or wall-mounted surface is that it can then be put away by simply folding it back up against the wall. If you are really short on space, you can even add foldable chairs or stools that can stay stacked against the wall until you need them for guests. 

Small Space Idea #3: Concealed Storage

Everyone likes to have a place to put their feet up after a long day. If you have ottomans or benches around your house, make sure they are not only being used for comfort but storage too. Ottomans and benches are great for hiding away extra linens, kids’ toys, or books. 

You don’t have to skimp on comfort either just because you need a piece of furniture that has multiple uses. Many high-quality ottomans and benches are available on the market that have both luxury fabric with built-in hidden storage inside. There are many creative storage options available to add extra storage to your small space so that you can keep your home looking organized and stylish. 

Small Space Idea #4: Make Use of Extra Space 

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Does your home have extra wall space or corners that aren’t being used? When styling and decorating a small home, one way to increase storage and seating is to make use of all available space. If you have extra corners around the home that aren’t being used, adding new seating such as a built-in bench can add both seating and hidden storage to your home. 

If you have always wanted a home office but don’t have the extra space to add one to your home, a combination office and bedroom is a go-to option for many designers. Using an empty wall space or corner of a bedroom for a small home office can be a great way to save space in a smaller home. 

Another idea for making extra use of space is installing shelves under stairs. If you are an avid reader and need a place for all of your books, adding built-in shelves underneath a staircase or in a corner that isn’t being used is a great storage solution. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have the items you enjoy around your home. You might just need to be extra creative in how you store them. 

Small Space Idea #5: Use Compact and Narrow Shelving 

Shelves are always a great way to add extra storage and design interest to a home. But if you are short on space, you may be hesitant to add even more furniture to your home. Using compact and narrow shelving can give you the storage you need while helping to leave more floor space available in a smaller space. 

If you are low on kitchen storage, hanging narrow shelves on empty wall space is a way to help store extra glasses and dishware. Or if you are needing more storage in a bathroom, using rustic wooden shelves above a sink or tub adds both style and function to your space adding additional storage for towels and paper goods. Another idea is to add suspension shelves that hang from the ceiling as a unique storage option to display lightweight items such as houseplants or family pictures. 

Getting Creative With Small Spaces

Designers and decorators know how to be creative and resourceful when it comes to decorating and finding storage options for smaller homes. If you own a small space and have always wanted a fireplace, the electric wall-mounted fireplace is a perfect addition. Think about unique ways to add hidden storage or shelving to your small home. There are many space-saving ideas available, you just might have to think outside the box to make them work for your space. 



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