5 Signs Of An Inefficient Air Conditioner

If you live in a place where the sweltering heat becomes unbearable during the summer months, you need a reliable air conditioner to keep your home cool. When something goes wrong with your air conditioner, you have to hire an AC repair Dallas technician to inspect your unit. You can risk your comfort if your air conditioner is not working properly. If your unit lacks maintenance, you will never know when it will breakdown. Worse, you can experience problems in the most inconvenient hours.

If you call a company that does not offer emergency repairs, you will need to wait the next day for issues with your unit to be tackled. Your air conditioning unit has to perform at an optimal level at all times. Once you notice any of these warning signs, you have to act quickly as they are indicators that your unit is no longer working efficiently.

Inaccurate thermostat

When your thermostat sensor is not working as it should, your unit will have issues with heating or cooling. Even if you set your thermostat to your desired temperature, your unit will not achieve the setting because of a more serious problem. An HVAC repair specialist will dig deeper into the problem to find out about the reason for your thermostat’s inaccuracy. If a problem has been detected with your thermostat mechanism or sensor, the solution will either be replacing or repairing the component. You also need a programmable thermostat so you can reduce the energy cost. Your technician will recommend this solution so you can have lower energy consumption when using your air conditioner.

Clogged filters

Air filters need to be free of dust and debris. A dirty or clogged air filter can cause your unit to malfunction. Filters are meant to provide your home with clean air. Due to dirt, your air filter will also block the cool air from coming out of your unit. When you have a clogged or dirty filter, you should either clean or replace the component. Without replacing your filter, you can cause the unit to stop working. The cost associated with repairing the entire unit can be more expensive than replacing the air filter. A dirty air filter can cause dirt, dust and other debris to build up over time. The blockage will prevent your unit from performing well. A repair technician will recommend replacement if your air filter is beyond repair.

High electric bills

If your consuming energy as normal as there is a sudden spike in your electric bills, it only means that your air conditioner is underperforming. One of the essential components of your unit may be malfunctioning and it can cause a series of problems with your unit’s performance. Even if you do not notice any issue with your unit, a sudden increase in your electric bill means that you need a qualified technician to check your unit. There can be some underlying problems that only an HVAC specialist can identify. PTAC4Less offers affordable refurbished packaged terminal air conditioners units to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

Insufficient cooling

Inadequate cooling is a sure-fire sign that your unit is not functioning properly. The problem is due to low refrigerant levels. Your refrigerant is responsible for cooling the interior of your home sufficiently. When this component is not properly working, it causes your unit to blow out insufficient air.

The problem is often noticeable during the summer where air conditioners are frequently used. You will need to run your unit for longer periods to keep your home comfortable. The longer your air conditioner runs, the more energy you have to consume. Even with longer operation, you may still not get the cooling benefits you desire. You can only solve this problem by having a professional HVAC specialist to check your unit. There might be leaks that you are not fully aware of.

Problems with drainage

When there are water buildup or leaks, your air conditioner will become inefficient because of a blocked condensation line which can cause the condensed water from your unit to not drain properly. Not addressing the problem can make moist areas a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

You need to take quick action by scheduling an appointment with Hooper Plumbing and Air Conditioning. They can accommodate all sorts of issues with your air conditioner to get it back in good condition.



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