5 Reasons Online Therapy is Right For You

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In this age of modernization, everything is coming under the umbrella of online processes. Now due to the COVID-19 crisis, this is more evident, and it is undeniable that this new mode of work is now the only solution. T elemental health, Video therapy, online psychotherapy, and other online-based therapy sessions have opened up new avenues to the mental health field. It is not only the future of mental health treatment but also is more effective than face to face therapy. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the online-centric life a necessity as the face-to-face therapy sessions have become a risk. 

Now several events that we are fond of, have shifted to the online world. In some cases, this change may not look so favorable. Anyone who has celebrated his/her birthday party on Zoom can relate to this. But not all activities that changed to online are bad. Web-based counseling and therapies are convenient, time-friendly, and also cheaper than before.  To give you some relief here are 5 reasons why you may consider taking online therapy offers.

Privacy Can be Easily Secured

Some of us like to maintain our privacy. In your experiences, you had to go to the therapists’ office, give out information and talk to several people before going into the therapists’ chamber. In some societies, the stigma of being seen entering a therapist’s office will make you the center of gossip or judgment that still exists. Which makes some patients stop taking the therapy. 

Unlike traditional therapy, in online treatment, you do not have to go in front of the public to get therapy. You even have the option to stay anonymous and use pseudonyms or nicknames. This could help you to be more comfortable with the therapist and to get your treatment. 

You might be very open about yourself and express your problems easily. But maybe your loved one cannot express that your company is not enough for them or your friend is not comfortable staying in the relationship for mental issues. But with the blessing of online sessions, these barriers can be penetrated. Online therapies give you anonymity, which can be liberating for some clients. 

Besides, during online therapy sessions, the therapist generally uses earphones or headsets which secures your information just within the therapist, your conversation not being overheard by others.  All kinds of communications online (video, email, text) can stay HIPAA secure.

Familiarity and Comfort

The inception of e-mental health services, about six decades ago, wasn’t as smooth. Major concerns about the privacy of the client’s information and sub-par technology were justifiably raised. As communication platforms have developed significantly over the years, users from all demographics have grown familiar with them, and finally, after all these years, they find the services reliable.

If we look statistically into the subject, about 61% of the internet users in America have already been surfing the web, searching for information related to health. Therefore, they’ve already resorted to the internet to cater to their healthcare issues. It is not necessary to go to the offices anymore to build up the reliability that such services are worth.

For most people, the current situation today has transformed the reception of online health services as a fully efficient process. The positive attitude towards technology and the reliability of online health services have successfully spread to almost all who need it and as days go by, e-mental health is bound to flourish even more.

You Can Take Medication According to your Choices

It is hard to find the right therapist offline, but online therapy sessions offer you a huge pool of therapists to choose from. Your challenge in finding a therapist who is beyond your mental health and your lifestyle can be overcome easily in the online mode. You do not need to worry about the location, unpredictable schedule, high anxiety, physical challenges, etc, and appoint a therapist according to your preferences. 

Then after several sessions, if you feel like the therapist is not your right match, you can easily switch to other therapists. 

It is difficult to take therapy sessions if you live in the rural areas. Online therapy also made life easy for the rural community. Online therapy allows you to get medication from a therapist who is a trained specialist in a particular type of therapy. 

It is Flexible 

Flexibility is a gift most online therapists can afford into their schedules. If you’re willing to/must change your session times, they can work accordingly most of the time. In case you’re someone who works in a different place every other day, you’ll like the flexibility of access to your therapy, regardless of location.

E-mental sessions enable you to take your sessions anywhere you want even in your pajamas. But make sure you are in a calm and quiet environment to secure the best treatment. You can access it from your home or work. No need to go out on rainy or foggy days to get your treatment. 

It is Just as Effective and Convenient

One of the biggest reasons why you should rely on online therapy sessions is that it makes the sessions more engaging. The therapists and you can stay within the same attuned tone.  

Even when the cost is compared, the charges are way less than the physical sessions. As you can take sessions in the comfort of your own space, you do not need to waste time on a traffic jam or mobility limitations. No need to take early leaves from work or anything else. It also gives you the option of texting or calling your therapist unlimited times without any cost, when you are facing issues. On the other hand, in the physical sessions, any extra therapist contact outside the main sessions isn’t possible or will add additional costs to your treatment. 

Finally, comes the ultimate question – is e-mental health suitable for you or your close one? It might be subjective and debatable, but the fact that it gives you access to mental health services right into the palm of your hands makes it undeniable. At the end of the day, if it is helping you to sort through and accept your complex feelings, it is never a bad option. 


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