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3 Ways to Help a Loved One Struggling with Mental Health

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Everyone comes to a point in their life when their mental health begins to suffer. Watching someone you love go through a hard time is arguably even worse. There are many benefits to stepping in and assisting a loved one when they are struggling. It can help you overcome a sense of powerlessness and even help you learn what you need to do to maintain your own sense of well-being. Despite these benefits you might not know how to help. Here are three ways to intervene when loved ones struggle with their mental health.

Do small gestures to show you care

Caring gestures are something that those struggling with mental health issues will appreciate. Asking them to spend time with you and checking up on them are easy and obvious ways to show you care. Other ways to show them  you are thinking of them and their well-being include bringing them a funny book that reminds you of them, or getting them a unique gift just because. These small gestures might make them smile and realize that there are people in their lives who want them to be well..

Ask your loved one if they want to go on a mini adventure or spend time outdoors. Taking them to see something new, or even out for a walk, is a great way to boost their mood and even your own. You never know what could turn someone’s day or week around. It’s the little things in life that can make the biggest impact.

Recommend possible treatment options

Sharing the fact that you have been to therapy or have friends who have benefited from therapy will help those struggling with their mental health to feel less ashamed about seeking treatment. There are opportunities to find a therapist in Washington DC that can assist your loved one get to where they want to be mentally. Even if they are just feeling down during a hard time, therapy can give them the tools they need to get through it.

Therapy is great for talking through emotions with a professional. Let your loved one know that therapy is a sensible option. Some people think they aren’t feeling bad enough to go to therapy or aren’t sure what they’re experiencing is a  permanent mental health issue. In reality, it doesn’t matter. Therapy can help any mental health issue.For instance, therapy might consist of learning anxiety management exercises and calming routines, which might sound simple. However, they are highly effective.

Start conversations, not debates

When loved ones are dealing with mental health issues, it can be difficult to understand what they are experiencing. When approaching the topic it’s important to give them a chance to explore how they are feeling without forcing the issue. Let them know that you want to know how they are feeling. It may be difficult for them to open up, but they will be more likely to do so if you openly approach the topic.

When discussing their current struggles, don’t try to argue or minimize their feelings and experiences. You might not understand their perspective, so it is critical that you approach the topic from a loving and comforting point of view. Don’t try to debate the emotion that they are feeling, as this will shut down conversation and will likely make them feel misunderstood and judged.


These are all tips that your loved one will eventually thank you for. Sometimes all it takes is your support and effort to give them the feeling they need to seek help for themselves.



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