5 Products to Help Keep Your Dog Under Control

Our furry friends love to keep us company everywhere we go, but sometimes that can be a bit overzealous. Unfortunately, their uncontrollable excitement can get them as well as their owners into trouble from time to time.

If you have problems keeping your four-legged companion under control, then you may want to investigate some of the following products to help keep them contained. These products will also help you to keep your dog safe so that they can spend even more time with you.


  1. Invisible Fences

Invisible fences keep dogs under control around the exterior of your home. This technology allows your dog to roam free, but only within a certain radius of your property.

Most versions of this product exert a mild shock to your dog if they go beyond the predetermined limits surrounding your house. Usually, you place flags on the property to indicate where your pet can travel. Once they learn the boundaries, you can remove these flags.

This product is much less cumbersome to put into place than a physical fence that would surround your property. Not having a large wall is also much more aesthetically pleasing.

There are many companies you can purchase this technology from, like Extreme.

  1. Dog Crates

If you have to leave your dog home alone for significant amounts of time, then you may want to invest in a dog crate. Crates come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. The most important thing to remember is not to get one that is too small. Your dog needs to have plenty of space to stand, lie down, sit, and turn around.

It is better to get a crate that is a tad too big rather than too small. If the container is too small, then it could be extremely detrimental to the dog’s health.

  1. Bark Collar

Bark collars can especially be helpful if you live in a confined space like an apartment, where a barking dog could easily upset your neighbors.

These collars operate in several different ways. Some send a mild shock to deter barking, while others merely vibrate. Still, others use a spray or ultrasonic tone that is undetectable to the human ear.

  1. Specialized Harnesses

If you have trouble maintaining control of your dog while out walking, then getting a harness may help. Harnesses will allow you to control your dog’s movements more thoroughly, giving them less of a chance to act unruly.

These products will reduce the risk of your dog escaping and running into danger. Harnesses can also help your dog to avoid confrontations with other dogs if it doesn’t play well with others.

  1. Deterrent Spray

This product is remarkably helpful for combating teething puppies and dogs that love to chew on furniture and other household objects. You just spray this substance on anything you want your dog to stay away from, and they will quickly learn what is off-limits.

These sprays are entirely safe for your dog to consume, but they do not taste good. They will train your dog to be weary of anything they put in their mouth. If used from a young age, they can be extremely effective, and you’ll get many more years out of your brand new couch or shoes. One of the most common flavors is sour apple.

We all love having dogs around, but sometimes they can be quite a handful. If you can use these products in addition to intense behavioral training, then you can rest assured that you will raise a happy, healthy, and obedient pup that won’t get into trouble unnecessarily.


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