5 Must-Dos To Help Stop Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most talked about issues and the biggest challenges of this generation. As time passes, the damage and changes to the Earth’s natural beauty and resources keep increasing. 

At this time, the effects of climate change are felt through losing sea ice in cold climates, increasing sea levels, hotter climates, and more. When the time comes that this planet can no longer survive, people, animals, and every living thing will suffer. 

Thus, it’s essential to start contributing to combatting the effects of the climate change crisis. There are tons of options that even young ones could participate in to help stop climate change. To learn more about it, listed below are five must-dos to help create positive changes on Earth: 


Start A Small Garden At Home 

Gardening is an excellent way to spend more time with nature. It’s a simple way to help ease stress while also contributing to bettering the surroundings. For a long time, there has been an issue with the urbanization of rural areas, which resulted in more tall-rise buildings and establishments and less space for plants to grow. 

You can start your home garden to help plant more trees, flowers, and more. It’s an excellent and effective way to help protect your area from flooding and conserve green spaces. If you don’t have enough space at home, try to put some hanging pots on your window or balcony. 

If you have adequate outdoor space for plants, don’t replace your grasses with fake grass. Instead, improve it or add a raised garden bed. Raised garden beds are an excellent option if you have elders interested in gardening because the structure of the beds is above ground level, so it requires less bending when planting or harvesting. 

Additionally, raised garden beds are utilized in countries that are believed to have poor soil quality, like Southern California. Although the climate there is great for growing plants, if you don’t have good soil, chances are the plants will eventually die. If you’re in this area, keep in mind that you must locate your raised garden beds in a sunny location and keep the bed inches away from native soil. 

Similarly, there is an increasing trend in Australian homes with raised garden beds as they’re perfect for succulent plants, a plant that millennials typically want to grow since it’s low maintenance. Also, it’s advantageous in keeping the soil warm and provides good drainage. If interested, check out the various colors and sizes you can choose from by visiting


You might be familiar with the term recycle as it’s always repeated in schools, but only a few people practice it. People must realize that recycling could help stop climate change as waste would be lessened, and it helps protect the environment by preventing pollution. 

Simple practices could help, like not shredding paper, repurposing your glass containers or jars, using your old shirts as wash rags, re-using your old plastic bottles, and avoiding wish cycling. Wish Cycling is putting items in a recycling bin even though you’re unsure if they could be recycled. Doing this could slow the recycling progress as it requires workers extra labor and cost to sort items. So, learn about the recycling rules in your place to lessen the threat to the success of recycling programs. 

Help Spread Environmental Awareness 

Spreading awareness is one of the most doable ways to help stop climate change. Now that people depend on the Internet, you could use your social media accounts to spread the word that the Earth needs help and that people are responsible for helping the planet recover. 

Also, infographics are an effective way to capture the attention of people. Sometimes it’s hard to get people’s attention, given that people are busier today than ever. So, bringing awareness to places they usually visit, like the online world, is a smart way to touch their hearts and hope to create a collective positive change. 

Find Alternative Options For Transportation 

Driving a car is usually the go-to transportation solution for many people. Although it’s convenient to use, it also causes great harm to the environment, especially air pollution. Cars contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, damaging the atmosphere’s natural processes. As a result, too much greenhouse gas may cause Earth to trap more heat and cause ocean acidification. However, this could be reduced through other modes of transportation like riding a bike or walking, especially if your destination is only near. 

Stop Using Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics refer to items people only use once and dispose of already. Typically, they come in plastic straws, grocery bags, cotton bud sticks, balloons, and more. The problem with using these plastics is that they don’t decompose and only contaminate the environment. 

So, try to limit your use of single-use plastic and find alternatives like using metal straws instead of plastic ones, purchasing an eco-bag for your groceries, utilizing reusable water bottles and food containers, and so many more. Through this, you can help make a huge difference in the world, especially if you inspire other people to participate. 

Final Thoughts 

At this moment, signs of climate change are already felt, and it’s not impossible that it may worsen in the coming years if people don’t take action immediately. So, simple ways like spreading awareness, shifting to eco-friendly alternatives, or even spreading awareness alone could help create a positive impact. Don’t worry, as all your efforts will not be put to waste, as people will still benefit from the goodness of the Earth if taken care of properly.


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