5 Modern House Plans for You to Think About


I bet you are one among many who want to live in a lovely eccentric house that leaves people talking whenever they visit you. It is an achievable dream since there are many modern ideas you can add to your house plan to make it more remarkable and outstanding. Building a house is a long process from the architectural plans, the engineering behind it, to dealing with government regulations, and so on. Going through all these requires you to have a house you are proud of. Below is an overview of the best ideas you can add to your house plan.

Biometric System 



Have you ever thought of technological advancements you can use in your house to make the house modern and safe? Biometric technology is among the best safety measures in the modern world. After building your house to completion, the next thing to think about is the security to put in place. Install biometric systems which will keep away unnecessary people or intruders from breaking and entering your house. 

Examples of biometrics are facial patterns, fingerprints, typing cadence, voice, among others. These identifiers are able to recognize the person trying to enter the house and if they are not authorized, the doors or windows will not open. Additionally, for additional safety precautions, install a biometric handgun safe so you can be the only one accessing a firearm at home. Such technology will keep your home safe and also curious kids from accessing items like guns and other valuable items. 

Interior Decor and Organization



The organization of the house will determine how the interior decor will look like. During planning, ensure you are present in all the processes and every plan is approved by you before implementation. All the rooms in the house should be well organized and have sufficient space to facilitate a perfect interior decor plan. The interior designer will have an easier time when working with a house that is properly organized. 

Some of the things to add to your house are accessories, curtains, rugs, carpets, artwork, hangings, lighting fixtures such as custom LED lights that suit the space, custom-made furniture, etc. Any modern house has several features that allow decorations to be seamless without altering the structure of the house. 

Size of the House

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How big do you want your house? If you have a large family then consider going for a house with several rooms to enable comfort and freedom around the house. Imagine having a home that even your kids cannot walk without bumping into each other! The size of the house matters a lot since there are other factors to consider like storage space, guest rooms, enough kitchen space, and a space for pets to relax. 

For storage space, you can go for unique ideas such as utilizing the space below the staircase and beneath some furniture. If you want custom-made storage equipment, create a mold design and present it to a reliable manufacturer who will produce storage equipment for your home. The material of the equipment can be plastic, glass, or any other suitable materials for you.

Open Plan Kitchen



An open plan kitchen is a kitchen that has access to the living room or dining room or both through a wide counter or lack of walls. It is an idea that most people are embracing since you can monitor your kids in the living room while you are cooking or doing dishes. Open plan kitchen also makes the space look bigger since it is a wide-open space. Moreover, it is a design that saves a lot of money as less money will be spent on the construction of the open wall kitchen.

The only downside to this design is there can be too much noise from one room to the next. For instance, if you have visitors in the living room, you can make noise for them while in the kitchen or vise versa. Although it is not a huge drawback since you can live with a little distraction from time to time.

Additional Tips

  • The direction of the house matters since it will affect the natural light that flows into the house as well as comfort in some rooms. All the rooms should face the proper direction. 
  • Staircase designs can be a factor in your house design. Some architectural designs will look better with a spiral staircase while others will do better with the standard one. 
  • Choose the right location for your home.


Getting the right design for your home is important since your home needs to be perfect for you. Additionally, other elements like decor, security measures, furnishing, also need to be top-notch so your house can complete the look. Although there are many factors to think about when planning for a house, the above are some of the most essential ones not to forget.


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