5 Lavish Wedding Trends To Follow In 2018

While 2017 weddings hold their own enchanting beauty, there is something more mesmerizing about exchanging rings in 2018: the added extravagance with the contrasting colors and the fusion of contradicting themes!

If you’re getting married this year, we bet it: you’ll be desperately waiting to see how Harry and Meghan tie the knot. But besides following the royal couple’s footsteps, there is more to make your big day as unique and memorable as you’ve dreamt of.

When the wedding trends change every year, it’s hard to resist diving into the most recent trends. But that’s where you should have your focus on as a bride-to-be!

Let’s explore each wedding trend so you can decide which one is the best for your wedding.

  1. The Fusion Of Acrylics And Nature

From welcome signs to table plans to table numbers, acrylic-themed weddings are the “in” thing. To add a touch of exclusiveness to the reception décor, you can pair the acrylics with romantic florals.

The best thing about acrylics: regardless of the color scheme you’ve selected for the event, the acrylics will match the décor anyway.

  1. Lounge Areas Suit Any Wedding

Whether it’s a vintage wedding or a modern wedding you love the most, lounge areas will add spark to the venue.

Instead of having each white-hued chair decorated with a pink ribbon, go for lounge seating. This doesn’t only create a sophisticated ambiance, it reflects your love for the guests who prefer to be seated in a set of sofas and comfortably enjoy the wedding till the end.

Here’s the bonus: lounges do a great job in filling large spaces. There are different lounge ideas to choose from.

So, if you had no choice but to book a venue that is bigger than the list of the wedding guests, transforming it into small lounge areas will cover the space nicely.

  1. Destination Weddings Are Here To Stay

Think of yourself as a fairy-tale princess getting married to the prince of her dreams in a truly magical place.

Lost in the moment?

That’s what destination weddings are for!

This year, it’s all about being a fearless couple. To make their wedding impactful, couples are now preferring destination weddings more than ever.

If you’re one of them, be proactive enough to make your destination wedding a reality. Choose the destination and decide a custom sized dress for the bridesmaids accordingly. Because not everyone from the guest list is going to join you to that specific destination, you’ll need to confirm their availability beforehand.

  1. Natural Beauty Is The Rage

Minimum makeup that reveals the inner beauty of your soul is in fashion. The trick is to emphasize on light foundation and a blush that enhances your rosy cheeks. So, instead of spending time searching for a personal stylist, you can effortlessly be dolled up as a bride – all on your own!

Why not utilize the saved time planning for your honeymoon? This can be a perfect time to search for your honeymoon registry travel options so you can take a flight right from the venue!

  1. Floral Arrangement Is A Focal Point Of The Venue

Close your eyes and think of the best wedding you’ve attended before. Perhaps, you’d see an image similar to this one: an exotic place filled with fresh flowers – all of them arranged almost everywhere in the venue.

However, this year brings in something different: a cluster of flowers arranged in one setting. Examples include a single wall filled up with pink flowers, dramatic archways beautified with red roses, and the corners of large mirrors (placed near the seating arrangements of the bride and the groom) decorated with lilies.

Not only does the idea of floral focal point look pleasing to the eyes, it’s practical and budget-friendly too. After all, you’ll be saving a huge amount of money cutting expenses that would have been incurred if you ordered a floral centerpiece for each table.




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