5 Important Life Skills to Equip Your Teen With

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As a parent, your mission is to take care of your kids until the time comes when they can live their own independent life. Making sure your kids learn how to read and to write is a good thing. However, there are other essential skills your children should learn that aren’t usually taught at school.

My name is Annabel Strickland. I’m one of the authors at Easytobemom.com, and I’m here to elaborate on some of the most important life skills to equip your teens with in order to get them ready to live on their own. So take a moment to browse through them below and take action today.

  1. Managing (and Appreciating) Time

We all have 24 hours in a day. The way we manage our time determines our achievements. Avoid nagging your teens about wasting their time. Instead, make sure you become your teen’s positive role model when it comes to setting priorities and making do with multiple distractions. Teaching your kids how to use a calendar and meet deadlines is paramount.

  1. Managing a Home

If you pamper your kids without allowing them to learn basic domestic skills, they may hate living on their own. So make sure you teach your children how to manage a home as early as possible. Such essential house maintenance skills as vacuum cleaning, dusting, and, say, sorting out some basic plumbing issues will definitely help your teens live a happy (independent) life.

  1. Sticking to a Budget

Money is not a priority, but it’s definitely important. You want your kids to learn how to earn money — and how to keep it as well. So do your best to start teaching your kids financial discipline at an early age. Set a budget and stick to it. Save money for a rainy day. Keep financial records. Give money to charity (with moderation in mind). By copying your positive role model behavior, your teens will learn the art of valuing money, spending wisely, and planning for the future.

  1. Managing Stress

Coach your kids how to cope with emotions and manage stress. If you do that, then as adults, they will be capable of seeing both sides of the situation. Therefore, they will start accepting their emotions more easily, learn to analyze them, and ultimately get to make the best decisions for their lives.

Active hobbies, meditation, music, spirituality, deep conversations with family members — these are just a few elements of one essential stress management system. Make sure you reveal this system to your kids (and practice it with them) when they’re young enough and ready.

  1. Building Solid Relationships

I’m sure you know that cultivating supportive relationships is very important for one’s mental health and wellbeing. Teach your teen how to develop and maintain friendships, as well as maintain healthy family connections. Become your child’s positive role model when it’s about valuing people and relationships in your life. This will definitely help your teen have a smooth social life and achieve harmony in relationships. At EasyToBeMom, we often discuss ways to prepare kids for adult life. Feel free to join us whenever you’re up for it.




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