5 Habits All Parents Should Teach Their Children

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Kids are vulnerable to catching bad habits which is why they require early assistance and guidance to build a personality that’s worth praising. Parents need to work extra hard for this to happen.

Kids are more susceptible when it comes to getting used to something. If parents don’t act as a role model and a guide to their kids, this can damage children’s character.

Parents need to teach children the importance of practicing good habits and staying away from bad ones. This is important because a habit is a shirt made up of iron, meaning, once you pick up a habit, it is hard to let it go.

 Here are 5 habits all parents should teach their children:

  1. Right Your Wrongs

Making mistakes is inevitable for humans. In case of kids, they make mistakes too. Here’s where parents need to react in the right way with their children.

Many parents believe that the best way to restrict children from making mistakes is to put fear of punishment in their hearts. It may work but has drawbacks too.

When parents punish kids, they may believe that they’re bad and punishment is the only thing that follows after a mistake. This may disrupt their development process and hurt their moral standards. Moreover, they may practice that mistake more rather than making it right.

The solution to the problem is to exhibit disappointment rather than punishment. This will help them understand that what they did was wrong and will encourage them to do right next time. Remember that scaring your children is also a form of abuse and doing so may affect your kid negatively.

  1. Be Respectful

There are many parents who think that their children being disrespectful is just due to them being young and that they will turn out to be fine as they grow with time. This thinking is plain wrong.

Nothing changes until and unless some effort is done to change it.

Parents need to show kids how important it is to give respect to others.

Tell them that respect is for everyone, and not only for the elder. Encourage them to respect everyone including friends, teachers and even strangers.

When a child learns the importance of respect and makes it a habit, he/she will be adored by many.

Work on social interactions with your kids.

Teach them how to greet others. Also, teach them how to treat others and be polite even when others are not polite to them.

The best way to do so is by example as children learn by seeing you. If you behave in a specific way, your child will most probably behave in a similar fashion as well.

  1. Asking For Permissions

Kids are explorers. They love to try new things, make new friends etc. But, they do not always know what is right and what is wrong.

Do not leave it all on your kids to decide whom they should be befriending and hanging out with.

Get them to make it a habit to ask for permissions from you when they’re doing something new such as leaving the house to play outside, going to the neighbors, going to a party etc.

  1. Expressing Gratitude

There comes many occasions where kids are complemented, rewarded or simply smiled at. A good child is one who has a habit of returning the favor by thanking the person.

Teach your child the habit to show gratitude and to appreciate others. Again, they will learn this habit if you appreciate your child. So, make sure to praise and appreciate your child when he or she achieves something.

Grow the habit of complimenting and teach them to stay away from negativity. If you teach your child hatred, he or she will grow with a lot of hate in his or her heart.

  1. Maintaining A Good Hygiene

It’s a tough time for both parents and kids when kids fall sick due to not following a good hygienic routine. Make sure to teach your kids to follow a healthy routine.

Tell them how bad it is to fall sick and mention the importance of staying healthy. Teach them to:

  • Wash hands, both before and after every meal
  • Brush teeth at least twice a day.
  • Not create a mess when eating or doing a chore.
  • Cover their mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.
  • Wash hands with soap when coming out of a bathroom.
  • Not to eat anything that is uncovered and lying on the floor.

These habits will help kids remain healthy as it would minimize the risk of getting attacked with germs or bacteria.


Parenting is a challenge which is why there are platforms like Parents For Purpose for parents to come together and learn the art of parenting.


Most parents face similar challenges and talking to other parents can be of help in overcoming them.



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2 thoughts on “5 Habits All Parents Should Teach Their Children

  • I agree completely with this list! There are so many things that get missed when teaching kids sometimes, and we’ve got too many entitled people in the world these days. These things need to be a priority in our children’s education.

  • I agree, these are all excellent and necessary habits to teach our youngsters. I failed to teach my children gratitude. I, myself, could be doing a better job of giving thanks to God for all I have and am.


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