5 Essential Outdoor Lighting Tips & Ideas

Does your house look welcoming when the sun goes down? Are your driveway and entrance well lit, making it secure and beautiful? If not, then it is time you look into good outdoor lighting.

It is always easy to recognize a good outdoor lighting when you see one. Most homeowners have not fully exploited the benefits of outdoor lights. They are a need rather than a luxury these days. Whether you are looking to increase the lights around your house or trying a new décor, outdoor lighting can serve your purpose.

To help you find out which lights are best for your outdoor area, we have compiled a list of 5 essential outdoor lighting tips & ideas that can help you with your goals.


    1. Flood Lights

These are the perfect option when you want to light a large area. Flood lights come in all shapes and sizes. Many flood lights include motion sensors so whenever there is activity around it, they will light up. This helps you save electricity as the lights do not have to be left on. You can choose flood lights as per your goals.

If you have parties and get together often in your backyard or your lawn, a flood light is a must. These lights are as versatile as it can get when it comes to outdoor lighting.

     2. Spot lights

While flood lights illuminate a large area, spot lights only light up a limited area. The level of illumination, however, is on the higher side. You can illuminate your door, entry or exit point where you want the most attention to be. Spot lights can even be used for highlighting landscape features. Spot lights focus on a precise area and thus, fulfill the function of drawing attention.

     3. Driveway & Path Lights

Also known as navigation lights are responsible for lighting up the way to your garage from the streets. Driveway and Path lights can even be integrated with the garage door to make it easier for you to get proper illumination.

     4. Landscape Lights

Landscape lights can really help you in enhancing the outdoor beauty of your home. These lights are best to illuminate features around the house like lawns, natural aspects, and trees. Up-lights, down-lights and shadow lights are some of the kinds that are most commonly used to light up landscapes around the house.

      5. Backyard Lights

Backyard lights have only one purpose; making your backyard more functional after the sunset.

Backyard lights can easily be found in all shapes and sizes. If you have a pool in your yard, you can install backyard lights with pool lights. There are many types in the market; some you have to hang along the wall and for others, you can erect like a pole.

Outdoor lightings are not only used to illuminate the exterior of your house but also to make it more appealing and welcoming to your visitors. You have to look at each light use and then decide which one you want to buy and illuminate the area around your home.



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