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5 Essential Items Every Scuba Diver Needs

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If you’re thinking what’s the most thrilling activity you’ve been a part of recently, you’re probably not impressed. Scuba diving is one of the most exciting and thrilling physical activities one can enjoy. The amazing thing about scuba diving is you get to marvel at the wondrous marine life and explore nature at its best.

Feeling excited yet? We certainly are! However, excitement is not the only thing you need to have a scuba diving adventure. Here’s a list of scuba diving essentials whenever you decide to take this nerve-wrecking, mind boggling trip:


1. Scuba Kit

We bet you’re thinking, breathing is the most important, right! We are too! What you need right away is a scuba kit containing the oxygen tank, the scuba regulator, diving mask, snorkel and diving fins.

The most important device from the ones mentioned is the scuba regulator. The scuba regulator is attached to the scuba mask and oxygen tank. It helps regulate oxygen pressure created in the mask as per the ambiance. Without it, the oxygen tank might offer more or less oxygen than needed during the swimming experience. Click here for more info on scuba regulators to ensure a safe and sound journey!

2. Wetsuit & Drysuit

Every scuba diver needs two kinds of suits during and right after his adventure. A wetsuit is what you need to swim along with those fish you’ve only seen online or in textbooks. A wetsuit is pretty similar to your swim suits, but of slightly thicker material. This is to prevent hitting and tearing the suit underwater.

Your drysuit is an optional gear if you want to change immediately out of your wetsuit and go for a swim after a few hours. Why not change outfits even under water if you can?

3. Dive Computer

An interesting device you can take under the water is a dive computer. This is a device that looks exactly like a wrist watch and can be worn similar to the latter too. A dive watch is a reliable tool for divers just like a dive computer. The big difference is that a dive watch can go up to 200m to 300m deep. If you’re an avid diver and you want a reliable dive watch that can take you several meters underwater, then best check https://www.spotthewatch.com/best-seiko-dive-watches. The dive computer lets you calculate the number of minutes you’ve been under water and the amount of energy you’ve spent swimming.

Not only that, the computer calculates your heartbeat and keeps you alert of your adventure. Pretty similar to having a health monitor under water with the fish, right?

4. Buoyancy compensator

As the name suggests, this is a jacket that can be worn to keep the buoyancy of a person neutral. This is a must-have for all the people who are new to swimming or do not have enough confidence to float easily. Not only does this jacket keep the buoyancy neutral but also ensures your body is supported against all surprises.

For example, if a really big fish surprises you from the corner of the sea, you know your sudden movement will be controlled and so will be your breathing pressure.

5. Underwater Camera

Now that you’ve managed to keep yourself safe and enjoyed the thrill of swimming along strangely magical creatures, you might as well record your account! Instead of relying on your memory to remember everything you saw, how about taking pictorial evidence as you go? Using an underwater GoPro camera is possibly the best solution for this adventure.

A GoPro records a much-personalized account of everything you see as it is placed on your head. We’ll delete the bloopers later!


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