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5 Easy-to-Make Cleaning Recipes Best for your Kitchen!



After every family gatherings and parties, it wouldn’t be a surprise if your kitchen looks like a hurricane ran through it. And because the kitchen is one of the hardest to maintain and the toughest to clean, having and making an alternative cleaning solution at the ready is an advantage for every homeowner in case of emergencies. Here are five easy cleaning recipes that you can easily make in your home.


Homemade Dishwashing Liquid


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When you eat oranges, better make sure to save those orange peels. Don’t throw them away because you’ll make good use of them. Put those orange peels in a large container jar and fill it with white vinegar up to the brim. Let it sit for at least two weeks. And then after, strain the oranges and transfer the liquid into another container half filled with water (preferably a bottle large enough for both the water and the orange vinegar solution). This natural dishwashing liquid works great with its citrusy smell and most of the strong vinegar smell gone. Lemon peels are also used for this homemade dishwashing liquid and a few drops of some lavender oil for additional fragrance. How about trying different citrus fruits with this recipe – like limes or grapefruits?


Drain Cleaner Solution

Having some problems with your sink? You only need two basic ingredients, which are baking soda and vinegar, for a cleaning solution that will unclog that sink pipe. But first off, you will need to pour a pot of steaming hot water into that blocked drain. Right after, pour half a cup of baking soda and wait for a few minutes until you pour another half a cup of white distilled vinegar. Once you pour the two ingredients, cover the sink hole with a drain plug to help keep the baking soda and vinegar sit within the drain surface for a few minutes. Lastly, pour another pot of boiling water and that should be able to do the trick.

Stain Remover


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Families with pets will often find themselves a problem with stains. So for a quick fix in removing stains, make sure to have club sodas or vinegar stored. These two ingredients are commonly used for carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast especially when there are major spills involved. Vinegar and club soda work effectively on pet urines and on tough stains – like coffee or wine. To make sure that the stain doesn’t spread around, blot it up with large paper towels to soak up the excess liquid. When you’ve managed to wipe off the stain, pour the club soda until it eventually covers the whole area and wait for it to dry.


Natural Rust Remover


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Are there small scratches visible on your stainless steel kitchen counter or brown-rusted faucet handles? Lemon juice or any other citrus juice will do great in this homemade cleaning recipe. Just add enough kosher salt into the lemon juice that will help thicken it into a pasty solution. This paste will help you scrub off and remove those rusts on your faucets and sinks. Not only is it used for cleaning your pots and other copperwares, it is also provides a good polish after scrubbing it clean.


All-Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning the countertops and leaving it spotlessly clean will be easy as this recipe. All you need is 1 teaspoon of baking soda, ½ teaspoon of castile soap, two tablespoon of vinegar and at least five to ten drops of your chosen essential oil. Mix these ingredients and put it in a spray bottle that is filled with water. This all-purpose cleaner is used for cleaning stovetops, the exterior of your fridge, kitchen counters and other surface areas.


With these easy to make recipes, they can be used as an alternative for your cleaning products. With these recipes in mind, you can always make your own whenever you run out of cleaning solutions. It’s much safer for the family.


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