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5 Bedroom Styles That Look Great And Provide You With A Relaxing Haven

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Soothing. Serene. Peaceful.

Most people wish for a bedroom that feels like a true refugee from the busy and noisy world— a calming and comforting place to sleep, relax and restore their energies.

For this, you will need to re-decorate and re-style your bedroom space so you will not have trouble sleeping every night and instead encourages you to relax more.

Here are 5 bedroom styles and tips that will help you create the sleep sanctuary you always dreamed of in no time!


  • Choose Dark Colors


Studies revealed that having a bedroom painted and decorated in bright colors is not going to help you fall asleep and relax. In contrast, softer and more calming coolers invites sleep and relaxation as well as quelling your noisy mind. Be mindful with the colors you choose, especially for your bedroom walls. As a matter of fact, the right soothing color can create a nice backdrop which tones down the entire bedroom.

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A chalky and deep shade of gray, green or blue can be very restful to look at. If you are not so sure about the right color,  ask any PTA painting & waterproofing contractors for professional wall painting services.  

Cover the Windows

A window that is beautifully dressed can help frame it better and provide various ways to add texture, pattern, color, and softness to your room. If you like soft sheer curtains that filter light, use opaque roller blinds which can be pulled down in order to maintain privacy at night as well as blocking morning light.

Also try to use curtains in cool colors, since these can help you relax and can create a sleep-encouraging environment. When choosing for curtains, make sure that you choose one in cool tones such as green or blue pastels and avoid colors such as yellow, orange, red and spring green since these sends a message of energy.

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  • Do not Overlook the Ceiling


That ceiling is the 5th wall in your room. While you lie in bed, what is it you see? A bland, blank surface? Add some soothing décor or subtle patterns or even soft colors. You can try to paint the ceiling at a slightly lighter version of your room’s wall color. This should help in visually lowering the ceiling and give the space a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

You can also go with wallpaper or stencil on the ceiling or use decorative paint treatment or even adding an architectural element in the forms of moldings and beams. For the ultimate luxury, you can go with silver-leafed bedroom ceilings— a tented bed or canopy with dressings which hangs from the ceiling. This can envelop you in warmth and sensuality while adding color, design, and texture to the ceiling.

Adding chandelier of crystals or molded medallion can bring about texture, pattern, color to that 5th wall above you!


  • Go with the Serenity of Green


The color green with its connection to living and growing things is such a peaceful hue and yet add aliveness and freshness in a room that feeds the mind and soul.

You do not need to have the greenest thumb in order to grow a plant or two in your room. Decorating your room with living plants as well as botanical designs both relaxes your senses and invigorates your mind. It brings health, tranquility, and life which cannot be matched by other bedroom accents.

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Choose several small plants to put together on your dresser or on your nightstand, or get a large plant for one corner. You can also use artworks depicting fields, trees or flowers and floral beddings for a thriving bedroom greenery that will surely soothe your mood.


  • Include Several Lighting Options


In a bedroom space, it is a great idea to layer your lighting throughout the room. Accent lights can help wash the walls in soft illuminations, small lamps can help focus light for reading, and ambient lighting can light the whole room.

Try to use bedside lamps with movable arms when you want to read in the middle of the night. Make sure that each layer of light can be adjusted with a dimmer. Also, install a separate switch for each light so that you have the freedom to light only the areas that you want.




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