5 Activities for your Upcoming Family Reunion

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Reunions help unite the members of the family. They allow us to catch up with one another, and they give children a chance to get to know their cousins and other relatives. To further deepen relationships, we must create fun and lasting memories during family reunions.

You can do many activities to make your family gathering lively and memorable. To help you create an unforgettable family reunion, we’ve listed some of the best activities for your upcoming get-together.

DIY Photo Booth

Take the family’s picture-taking session up to the next level by using photo booths. No need to rent an expensive one to produce quality and fun-filled images. With the right tools and equipment, we can set up a simple yet one-of-a-kind DIY photo booth.

Pictures taken from photo booths are mostly cute and fun. These eye-catching photos are not only great for social media posts but will also serve as mementos when we’re feeling nostalgic.

Quick Tip: More often than not, some family members leave early during a family reunion. Ensure that everyone will be included in the family reunion photo by taking a picture at the start of the event.

Minute-to-Win-It Games

Sometimes, getting a little silly in front of everyone is one of the best ways to create unforgettable memories. If you’re looking for a quick and comical game that’ll keep everyone on their toes, take up some minute to win it challenges. The participants can either impress us or make us laugh depending on the strategies they use to win the game.

Quick Tip: Choose Minute-to-Win-It games that can fit different age groups and skill levels. This way, all of your family members can join in the fun.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Many people feel reluctant to attend a family reunion if they could not provide gifts for everyone. If we want to address this concern without getting rid of the gift-giving concept entirely, we should do a white elephant gift exchange.

White elephant gift exchange is an activity where amusing and impractical presents are exchanged. People usually wrap gifts that are pre-loved, unused, or unwanted items that they can find at home. The activity’s main purpose is to entertain the attendees rather than to gain highly sought-after items.

Quick Tip: Make exchange gifts fun and exciting by playing a left/right game. When it’s time to swap gifts, everyone will sit in a circle and pass their gifts to the direction mentioned in the story. Players will get to keep the presents they’re holding once the story ends.

Talent Show

Discover the secret skills and hidden talents of your family members through a talent show. Your relatives can grab this opportunity to showcase their creativity and create a memorable performance. We can present by groups or do solo acts depending on the participants’ preferences.

Every family member must prepare a three-minute performance for a talent show to be considered successful. Relatives who are good at singing or dancing can showcase their skills in front of the whole group. If your family members think that they don’t have any talent, they can come up with creative ways to perform on stage.

Quick Tip:  Talent shows are one of the highlights of many family reunions. Don’t forget to record it on camera, so the whole family can look back and relive memories together. We can even compile the videos and watch it next reunion.

Awards Night

Having an award ceremony is a great culminating event for family reunions. It can make your relatives feel valued and appreciated. If there are fun and quirky categories, some awards can also bring laughter to everyone who attended the reunion.

To ensure that everyone will enjoy the ceremony, we should give certificates to all of your family members. We can use your relatives’ unique qualities, heritage, and demographics to determine the most suitable award categories. To host a humor-filled ceremony, we can give certificates to:

  • The Best Hugger
  • The Loudest Snorer
  • The Karaoke King
  • The Most Contagious Laugh
  • The Oldest Family Member

Quick Tip: Upgrade the awarding ceremony by getting personalized trophies and handing them to the winning family members. These rewards will give the winners something to brag about and cherish. They’ll also motivate the rest to participate in the activities for the next family reunion.




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