4 Ways to Up Your Indoor Bike Training Game

You’ve finally made the switch from outdoor to indoor cycling, and while outdoor bike training has a whole slew of benefits, indoor bike training can have just as many. Indoor practice offers the convenience aspect that outdoor cycling cannot match up to. And while it CAN get boring while riding on your indoor bike, there are ways to keep your interest peaked, after all, cycling, in general, has MAJOR fitness benefits.

If you want to get in shape with spin bikes, there are tons of ways to boost up your indoor cycling session to maximize your training level. Working out can be fun, especially when it’s challenging. Check out 7 ways to up your indoor bike training game below.


  1. Get Your Boredom in Check

It’s no secret that cycling indoors can get boring, thus, cutting your exercise session short. And while you can simply turn on the TV and keep your focus there, you can also plug in your iPod and listen to a new album and focus on the lyrics and sound. Many people choose to listen to podcasts; whether you opt for an entertaining or educational one, these are great ways to keep your focus! Plus, new bike models offer ways to connect to trainers and training videos to help you keep going as well.


  1. Get Air

Yes, the reason you’re cycling indoors is for the convenience, however, working out can cause the air around you to feel stuffy and hot. For your health, every 30 minutes, try to get up and step outside for a few moments to catch some air. Take this time to hydrate and drink up some electrolytes. It also helps to crack open a window in the room your cycling in to refresh the air. Having a towel handy will help wipe away the sweat as you go too.


  1. Take Advantage of Different Ways to Pedal

Riding a bike outdoors limits the variety of ways you can pedal. When you cycle indoors, you can take advantage of pedaling with one leg at a time. Switch off every 2-3 minutes to give your legs enough time to work on the resistance and build your strength. This is a great way to figure out which leg is using the most energy while cycling and which needs more cycle time.


  1. Take a Class

Taking a cycling class may seem odd if you already have a bike at home. However, it’s important to take time away from home and learn from other trainers. These coaches can help you figure out new ways to cycle to up your indoor training game. They can also give you ideas for when you’re alone cycling at home. Plus, it helps to have the support of other riders around you for motivation and excitement.


Indoor cycling has gained significant popularity in recent years with more advanced bikes for purchase and classes alike. Be sure you are getting the most out of your bike by following the tips above. Ensure your fitness journey is healthy, exciting and motivating!


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