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4 Ways to Get Your ‘Hygge’ On This Winter

Lately, a number of magazine articles and books have talked about a Danish concept called “hygge.” Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this term basically revolves around feeling cozily content and having a heightened sense of well-being through some of the simple things in life.

For instance, as Country Living notes, if you have ever enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa while cuddled under a warm blanket and watching the snow fall outside, or if you love to snuggle on the couch and read books while it’s pouring rain, you have gotten your hygge on without even knowing it.

Now that winter weather is upon us, it is the ideal time to up your hygge game and help set a warm and cozy mood in your home. Here’s how to get started.


Add plenty of candles

As The Every Girl notes, when Danes are asked what they think about the most when they hear the term “hygge,” most of them will say “candles.” After all, when you are trying to set a cozy mood, it’s hard to beat the warm glow and flickering light of a candle. You can either shop for some of the real scented candles at your local mall or online, or if you are concerned about children and pets getting too close to the flames — or all that hygge making you conk out on the couch with candles burning — then invest in a number of flameless/battery-operated varieties.

Keep your home secure with technology

While you might envision warm plush blankets and crackling fireplaces to increase warmth and coziness in your home, you can also use state-of-the-art tech devices to up your hygge. For example, there is nothing more comforting than knowing you have a secure home when you are there and away. If you have been thinking about amping up your security this holiday season — for instance, if you are concerned about nogoodniks making off with your packages that are left at your door — this is the ideal time to do it. Lorex Technology offers a wide range of home security camera systems, including the versatile and easy-to-install, wire-free versions.

Place greenery around your home

Another great way to add hygge to your home this winter is by bringing some of Mother Nature indoors. No, not the driving rain or the huge piles of snow, but instead some lovely greenery like plants and/or swags of pine branches across your mantel. As Mental Floss notes, nature is inherently relaxing and will help to reduce your level of stress; other ideas include adding natural materials like wood, stone and leather to your abode.

Decorate with meaningful objects

Instead of decorating your home with mass-produced items that you can find at any old home store, embrace the hygge style by adding in furniture and accessories that really mean something to you. This can include treasured things like picture frames and books that you purchased on a wonderful vacation, antiques that your grandmother handed down to you, an old watch in a case that belonged to your late family member, and other personal and meaningful items. These will add a solid sense of hygge to your home, much more than generic knick knacks.

Stay warm and cozy all winter, thanks to this wonderful concept

One of the greatest things about embracing hygge in your home is that you can do it in so many ways. By lighting some candles, investing in a home security system and adding fleece throw blankets, greenery and special mementos around your home, you will soon be well on your way to feeling warmer and more cozy — both literally and figuratively.



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