4 Treatments to Indulge in to Replenish Tired Skin

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Daily life can take its toll in many ways, from leaving you with tense shoulders and knots in your back to an accumulation of stress that causes you sleep loss. Whether it’s work, family, or frustration with overwhelming responsibilities, it can be hard to find a suitable outlet for your feelings and, eventually, the effects will start to make themselves known on your physical appearance, leading to dry, dull skin, fine lines and, potentially, breakouts that negatively affect your confidence.

Luckily, there are some fantastic treatments that you can indulge in to not only get a little ‘me’ time, but to help you replenish your skin. Although it might seem like a trivial fix, taking time to look after yourself can help to boost your internal wellbeing and leave you feeling more confident.

So, what treatments are available to give you glowing skin and help you feel invincible?



This treatment is one you might have heard of over the past year or so – it’s trending all over TikTok and in the big women’s publications as a simple fix to a number of problems. Available in  a number of Beauty Salons in Chesire and elsewhere, Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that consists of having a small surgical blade gently run across your facial skin to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair.

It helps to replenish tired skin by leaving it smooth and glowing, whilst also increasing the skin’s ability to absorb products. It also helps improve skin texture and the way your makeup looks when applied, creating a flawless visage that’s perfect for taking on the world!

The effects last for between 4-6 weeks and it takes just 45 minutes a session, so can be easily squeezed into your schedule for a little pampering.

HIFU Facial

A High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the non-surgical secret to glowing, youthful skin that many of the world’s famously youthful-looking celebs have been using for a long time – with lots of success!

The ultrasound technology penetrates the dermis and SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer in order to kick-start the skin’s healing system, causing the production of collagen that, in turn, leads to the skin lifting and tightening. Basically, it’s a facelift without the surgery requirement! Repeat session are required over a matter of weeks (12-24), but then your tired skin will look smoother and fresher (and you can excuse it by using the time as your own scheduled ‘me time’!)

Hydropro Facial

This hydro exfoliation treatment combines micro-dermabrasion with a hydrating serum in order to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin, leaving skin looking refreshed and glowing. Any impurities lurking under the skin are extracted at the same time as dead skin cells – which are responsible for dull skin – are removed. Whilst this is occurring, the skin is drenched with a hydrating serum, allowing for maximum absorption and, therefore, impact.

The results are instant and give you the chance to close your eyes and enjoy a little break from the daily stressors of life!

LED Light Therapy

When light is absorbed by the skin, the energy is converted into the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity of the skin whilst simultaneously destroying bacteria on the skin’s surface, evening out the skin’s pigmentation, and speeding up its healing ability. This is why LED light therapy is such an excellent treatment for you to indulge in!

Simply lie back and allow the LED lights to wash over you, and then marvel at the effects – it can reduce acne, treat rosacea, and slow down/reduce the ageing process.

Our skin reflects a lot of our stress and worries, so take the time to look after it (and yourself) by treating yourself to one of these fantastic treatments – you’ll thank us afterwards!


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