4 Tips to Avoid Chafing in Inner Thighs During Summer

The longer summer days and the warm weather are a welcome song to all who have been waiting to take a walk, go hiking, or attend fitness classes outside. However, there are also negative effects to these outdoor activities. The high temperatures and increased amount of sweat, can cause blistering red, inflamed and painful chafing on different parts of the body. 

You may avoid chafing during the summer days by trying homemade remedies, wearing comfortable clothes and using anti-chafing underwear, amongst other things.

Try homemade remedies 

A mix of coconut oil and cornstarch is an excellent solution to your chafing problem. When you are not exercising hard but are outside on some work and feel the need to anoint your skin, this combination is worth it. 

Just add cornstarch to one and a half parts coconut oil and apply the mixture to your inner thighs before leaving. You may also pour the concoction into a small bottle and carry it along with you. Then, use it whenever you feel the chafing. 

Use deodorants

Deodorants are mainly used for armpits, but you can also use them near your inner thighs. Designed to keep your skin dry, they are a great tool to combat chafing as they keep the moisture at bay. Spray on your thighs and enjoy comfort as well as fragrance. 

Avoid poorly placed seams

Shorts and leggings have seams that are often the biggest enemies of peaceful and comfortable movement. They cause friction on contact with skin, and the irritation hampers your workout sessions. 

With the severity of the exercise increasing and the body’s moisture release enhancing, your inner thighs swell, develop abrasions and eventually cause pain. So make sure you only wear the right size gym attire during workouts so that the seams do not create any trouble.

Invest in anti-chafing undergarments

Instead of opting for some run-of-the-mill underwear, get anti-chafing underwear specially designed to fight friction and wick moisture. 

Since seams may cause problems while exercising, you may opt for seamless shaping shorts that are somewhere between compression and non-compression shaping shorts. Such undergarments do not shape your body, and so they are not tight-fitting but gently hug your thugs without giving you the feeling of being trapped within a snake’s tight coil.

High-waisted shorts sit above the hips and are usually made from breathable fabric. So, you do not feel hot. These, too, are not shapewear. They fit perfectly but what if you are planning to wear a short dress or a skirt?

Here, you must know that running skirts frequently come with built-in shorts made of spandex or nylon for girls. Another easy to use thigh guard is the thigh band. Wear this garter-like apparel before putting on your underwear and save your inner thighs from blisters. They usually are not made from cotton, which absorbs moisture, but are made from nylon or spandex. 


Try these measures before leaving your home for work or exercise. Then, depending on your skin and body type, go for the solution that best suits you and rock your workouts with comfort. 



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