4 tips for cross ventilation in Indian homes

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Regardless of how supremely designed your home is or whether you have the best furniture on the planet, if one feels suffocated in the home for the lack of fresh air the stay is not going to be very pleasant. Cross ventilation is, therefore, one of the most important aspects that one should consider while moving into a new home or when fixing their current home because no amount of air conditioners can replace the pleasure of the natural air, this is why even to this day one can easily find windows and door placed opposite to each other at their homes in villages or the big hotels, however lately to minimize construction cost or either due to lack of space or good architectural knowledge modern homes often seem to be lacking this crucial factor in the homes. So here is a list of a few tips that will ensure cross ventilation at your home for your family’s and your comfortable living:

  • Door instead of walls

Surrounding yourself with concrete is not essential when you can easily switch one of those walls with a sliding glass wall. This will allow you to just slide open the glass door and enjoy the fresh breath of air as and when you need or please. The added lighting and innovative designs will add new flavor to the interior designing of your home along with a lot more freshness.

  • Double doors

The size of doors is big enough to give you plenty of fresh air however, one cannot just leave their home doors open as that could lead to major security concerns. However, the fix to this problem is opting for double doors. So you can just leave the inner door open as and when you please to allow all that fresh air to come in. While replacing your current door with a double door might seem troublesome, however, rest assured it is easy and one would have to put in only the amount of effort as one would put in to rent cooler online

  • Ventilation machines

This is the most obvious of choices and would require minimal effort. You can opt for different types of ventilation machines like exhaust-only or supply only depending on your requirements. Moreover, you can couple the ventilation with air purifiers on rent to ensure the air that comes in from outside through the ventilation machines is safe and healthy to breathe.

  • Bamboo furniture

Furnishings made of bamboo or wicker are exceptional agents of wind because of their construction which is very airy and doesn’t retain heat. Furniture made out of these could be placed indoors as well and they will play their role in maintaining good airflow when you open those big double doors.

Using these four tips alone you will find massive increments in the amount and quality of airflow in your house and you will also realize the importance of cross ventilation.




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