4 Tips For A Conflict-Free Divorce

When a couple decides on divorce, overcoming conflict is often easier said than done. While many would hope for a peaceful and amicable divorce, for a marriage to have reached that point, it’s likely that a conflict has happened. For some couples, it could be trouble in the marriage that’s been kept for too long. For others, it could be a sudden, unfortunate event rendering one spouse to decide the marriage can no longer work and last. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a divorce can start with a conflict between couples.

Over the course of the divorce proceedings, you and your ex-spouse would have to learn how to settle your differences. This wouldn’t just involve the custody over the kids if you have any, the division of the conjugal property, and all other difficult decisions to be made during the divorce. It would also include the conflict you have with each other.

Given the propensity of your divorce circumstances, there are many things you can do to have a conflict-free divorce. This article discusses some of the best strategies you can follow.

  1. Maintain Respectful Communication

Divorce isn’t just a formal and legal process of dissolving a marriage. It’s a difficult undertaking in that emotions are high, and there’s a family life at stake that’d soon have to break apart. With all the stress and troubles that come along, your emotions could get the best of you. And whatever communication you’d have to make with your ex-spouse would only be a battle of painful words.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. No matter how hurt and angry you may be, always take the better route of maintaining respectful communication. That way, communication would be clear and the process would also be sped up. When you come to think of it, at this stage of your marriage when it’s already about to end, there really is nothing that insults and disrespectful communication can do to help. 

If you’re finding it hard to communicate and let out your feelings in a way that doesn’t lead to even more conflict, mediation therapy organizations like CT Divorce Mediation and similar firms may be able to help you out.

  1. Secure Legal Counsel

No divorce proceeding would ever be amicable without the help of a family or divorce lawyer. Before the finality of your divorce, you’d still have to go through a legal proceeding, relaying the circumstances of the marriage leading to the divorce. Hence, it’s almost close to impossible to ever have a marriage dissolved by divorce without a lawyer.

Apart from processing the legal facet of the case, having a fair and qualified family lawyer can also help keep things in the right perspective. This means there’s a third party that can balance out whatever emotions you and your spouse may have, without which the divorce may even be lengthier and more complicated.

  1. Always Think About The Children

Divorce would always be a difficult process. But it’d become even more challenging when there are children involved. Especially if you still have young kids who can’t have a full grasp of the situation yet, it’s in their best interest if you both, as parents, would avoid conflict as much as possible. In every step of the divorce proceeding, think about your children.

By doing so, it’d be easier on your part to cooperate in having a peaceful divorce. Your kids’ emotional adjustment would also be easier when they see that mom and dad are co-parenting them quite well enough.

  1. Don’t Forget Self-Care

You don’t always have to be that person who, after the divorce, plays the role of the spouse in distress. There’s no masking the reality of how stressful and painful a divorce proceeding would be. Especially if you’re the victim in the situation, the pain of losing someone whom you trusted and loved would always be there. So as you would in any other stressful situation, think about self-care.

Self-care can be anything that makes you happy. This is very important so you have an avenue to let go of your stress and ill feelings toward your ex-spouse. Otherwise, if you keep it all in, you may lash out all your anger on your ex-spouse whenever you meet, and this can only result to even more conflict on top of what you both are already going through.


With the tips above, you may be able to sleep better at night and move on from your divorce with so much more peace in your heart. Especially when children are involved, you need to think about setting aside your differences to be as amicable as possible. It may seem difficult at first, but once you’re able to move past your differences, you can also walk out of your divorce in a much better position. You and your ex-spouse may not have worked together and well enough as partners in marriage, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be civil and friends with each other afterward.



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