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4 Proactive Measures to Protecting Your Carpet from Your Toddler.

As a parent of a toddler, you’re always on the edge of your seat when the next mess is going to happen. However, you can only do so much to protect your home from the wrath of your toddler and carpets always take the heaviest blow in that battle. Not only is it important to keep your carpet clean for aesthetic reasons, but also to keep your home healthy for your families to live in.

If you’re looking for some proactive advice, Sears Clean has come up with some simple and useful tips for you to follow!

Invest In A “Splat Mat”Does your toddler eat in a carpeted area? This can cause some big problems to the cleanliness of your carpet. A simple solution is investing in a “splat mat” to place under your child’s highchair and around where the worst damage takes place. There are many great options for “splat mats” on Etsy. Not loving the mats on Etsy? Another great option is to use the clear, plastic mat that often gets placed under office chairs. These mats can be easily washed and will help keep your carpet looking clean.

Spill proof cups

Kids sometimes come across like college students on a Friday night. Stumble around, leaning on furniture, and spilling anything they try to drink. Unlike those college students, your kids shouldn’t be cut off. Toddlers love their juice, and a juice cup is often one of the first things a toddler is remembered to pick up and carry around with them. Juice comes in many colors, and most are not friendly to carpet, so you need to make sure your kitchen is stocked with spill proof sippy cups.

The best way to find these is to look at reviews online before you decide to buy a certain type of sippy cup. Try to find sippy cups with reviews that say if it ever started leaking after months of use. Let’s face it, your toddler might not treat it the best and the last thing you need is a beat-up sippy cup leaking in the car. Maybe buy three, or four, of the same kind so your child never has to go without the familiar cup when you’re washing the others.

 Purchase An Inexpensive Area Rug

Another easy solution is to purchase an inexpensive, dark colored area rug to place in your child’s eating area. This area rug will protect your nice carpet underneath and can easily be thrown into the washing machine when dirty. Your toddler’s spills won’t get anywhere near your carpet when you use an area rug! Area rugs can tie the look of a room together as well.

 Carpet Protector

When you have your carpet professionally cleaned, make sure your carpet cleaner applies a carpet protector. Carpet protectors add stain resistance and soil resistance to the carpets by coating the fibers with an added layer of protection. It is much easier and more feasible to get a stain out of a carpet that has been treated with a carpet protector. Applying a carpet protector is for houses with toddlers because every protection in the world won’t prepare you for that one time that your child spills something where you never expect it.

If you toddler persistent enough your carpet will suffer some kind of dirt or stain. It’s what kids do. If it is bad enough, they carpet cannot be cleaned by you, don’t hesitate to give Sears Clean a call and let them revitalize your carpets. Don’t forget, you and your carpet will get past the terrible two’s.



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9 thoughts on “4 Proactive Measures to Protecting Your Carpet from Your Toddler.

  • Your tips for protecting carpets from toddlers are absolute gems! I never realized there were so many proactive measures I could take to keep my carpet looking its best. Thanks for the practical advice!

  • We had so many stains on our rugs and furniture from when the kids were little! Definitely makes it hard to keep things looking good.

  • I don’t have kids, but I have a cat. Some of your ideas, such as a carpet protector and area rug, are very handy. The rugs is especially good for cats because she loves to claw it instead of the real carpet.

  • I found the tips helpful! As a family with two dogs, keeping our carpets clean feels like a never-ending battle, so it’s great to have some proactive measures to follow.

  • A splat mat is a genius idea. It can help protect all types of rugs from dirty toddler hands.

  • It can be scary letting your toddler loose on a carpet…especially a white one with sticky little fingers! These are great tips.

  • Thanks for the tips for protecting the carpet with a toddler. It’s definitely hard to keep carpet clean with children and this post will help.

  • Carpet protector is so important! I have kids AND dogs, and it has saved me from all kinds of messes over the years.


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