3 Tips to Introduce Glamor into the Everyday.

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Why is it that when we have an occasion to attend that we pull out all of the stops? We make extra effort to display ourselves in the best light possible. We style our hair, apply makeup with extra care, and spend hours making sure that the clothes we wear promote our best features, and mask the ones we’d rather not be commented on.

We have it wrong – why don’t we take this care every day? Here are 3 tips to help you inject some glamor into the everyday.

High-end retail sales

An invitation to an event typically involves going to a high-end store to see what you can buy to make you stand out. The piece you choose will more than likely be on-trend, and only so for one season; the thought of how much wear you will get from it gets pushed to the back of your mind. Do the research to find out which high-end stores offer the best discounts, but instead of buying one off pieces, buy your wardrobe staples – tees, jeans and knitwear. The benefit of buying high-end for your staples is that the clothes will look like a million dollars, make you feel like a million dollars, and cost the same as regular store clothes; but they’ll withstand more wear and wash better, so you make a saving in the long run. You know the adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice.’


An outfit can be transformed by the addition of carefully selected accessories, and they do not have to cost a fortune. A pair of chandelier earrings or a layered necklace can add the wow factor to the simplest of outfits. Try it out. Wear a black turtleneck with some black trousers and a pair of earrings that border the ostentatious. Use a waist trainer to accentuate your waist, topped off with a belt that coordinates with your outfit; not only will your posture be improved, but your clothes will hang better on you too. You are giving a subtle nod to glamor rather than a screaming declaration.

Lipstick, powder and paint

For an event, you may want to wear false eyelashes, but for everyday glamor, they are not necessary. Other than surgery, eyebrows are the next best thing to improve someone’s features. Properly shaped brows can bring balance and proportion to your face, and can add real polish to your appearance, even without makeup. Once you have tamed your brows, apply mascara and blush, and red lipstick that suits your skin tone. You need to choose between having made up eyes and a nude lipstick, or subtle eye makeup and a strong lip color – you should not choose both made up eyes and lips to set apart your everyday glamor from that of occasion makeup. You do not need to go overboard for everyday glamor.

Everyday glamor is a subtle approach to looking good. As you make these little amendments to your everyday wardrobe and routine, your confidence and self-esteem will soar. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add a little glamour to your everyday life, but the benefits will make you feel a million dollars.




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