3 Tips for Improving Sleep

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It seems counterintuitive that something so vital to the wellbeing can be so difficult to get. Medical problems like sleep apnea can be caught and effectively treated by medical professionals. For them, the use of a breathing machine allows them to sleep well. Other medical problems should be addressed by a doctor and a treatment plan followed at their recommendation.

Thousands of people struggle with sleep issues and suffer from associated health issues. Even if the lack of sleep is not manifesting in big ways, the subtle signs could be there. Tired people can be irritable during the day for no reason they can explain. They can also have decreased reflexes and get sick more easily and stay sick longer than others. If trying to learn how to boost your immune system and believe lack of sleep could be a culprit, try the tips below.

  1. Eliminate Noise

Some noise cannot be helped. A noisy neighbor down the block or a barking dog may be bothersome. If all else has failed and the noises have not stopped, try to sleep in a room of the house as far away from the source of the noise as possible. Hang up heavy curtains to dampen the sounds or put on a fan or other source of white noise. Calming music might help as long as it is turned off before going to sleep, as changing patterns in the music could cause waking later in the night.

  1. Block Out Light

Even if it does not seem like it, too much light could be affecting the quality of sleep. Streetlights or headlights that illuminate a bedroom at night are distracting to the brain. Invest in some quality blackout curtains to keep the room as dark as possible. Keep screen time to a minimum in the bedroom as well, as cell phones, tablets and televisions give off blue light that keeps people alert and awake long after they should be asleep. It is tempting to watch a movie or video until falling asleep, but that is not generally recommended.

  1. Develop a Routine

It is often said that people are creatures of habit, and we have our brains to thank for that. We associate things and activities with each other, so it makes sense to do the same things before bed every night so that the brain can associate those activities with sleeping. A good routine would include things like brushing and flossing teeth, meditation and organizing tomorrow’s to-do list. The act of writing something down can often allow the brain to stop focusing on it, which will allow for less worry and stress during bedtime.

In a hectic world, it can be difficult to turn off the thoughts that race through the mind all day long. It is important to remember that a better quality of life is only possible through taking the time to unwind and destress. Not sleeping due to stress will only increase the stress levels the next day. It is vital to break the cycle and gain peace and calm for a better life in both the daytime and nighttime.


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