3 Statistics Proving Why Video Marketing Helps Grow Your Business

If you operate in today’s digital marketing world at all, then you’re aware of the importance of video content. But do you know just how effective video marketing can really be? Here are 3 statistics showing how incorporating video content into your marketing can expand your business.

50% of Consumers Prefer Video Content

In 2017, Hubspot found that users preferred video content to most other types – including emails, social, blog posts, and downloadable PDF’s. So as a marketer, you should still incorporate these other forms of content into your strategy. But with half of the users favoring video, you can’t afford to leave it out.

In addition to half of the consumers preferring video content, 55% of users say they consume video content thoroughly. As a result, you have a much greater chance of making an impact with your target audience via video content. For example, customers are often more motivated to purchase your product after having watched a video explainer.

Indeed, 90% of marketers say they use videos to inform or educate prospective customers. Consumers don’t respond to traditional advertising like they used to. A value-based approach is much more likely to appeal to customers today, who can easily look up info about a product or company before buying. Videos are an excellent way to establish value for your product and trust with your consumers.  So, visit if you’re trying to get a professionally done video out to the masses!

As a marketer, you might fear you’ll have to “outsmart” the customer who is immune to old-school advertising campaigns. But this isn’t so. Instead, consider corporate video production as an opportunity to share your brand’s passion with your customers. It’s clear that video will continue to take up more of our attention and more space on the web. Hubspot’s estimated that 82% of all online traffic will be geared toward video by 2021. If you want your business to be competitive in the years to come, then a video marketing strategy is a must.

 YouTube has 1.9 Million Active Monthly Users :

Another integral part of video marketing strategy is the platform you share your videos on. Producing a top-notch video – whether in-house or with a video production agency – will only grow your business if people watch the video. If you choose to host the video on your own website, make sure it’s optimized and embedded correctly. Nothing loses viewers faster and frustrates prospective leads more than a video that won’t play.

On the other hand, hosting a video on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo cuts out those technical problems and makes it easier to find. YouTube videos often rank in Google’s search results, so optimizing your video with an SEO title, description, and engaging thumbnail can help more users see your video.

Other reasons to post on YouTube? It services 95% of all internet users and 65% of all senior executives visit a site after watching the related brand’s YouTube video. If video is the king of content, then YouTube is the king of video marketing. Posting on YouTube gives you the opportunity to boost your traffic and increase brand awareness. It also makes your video more shareable.

While YouTube is a major player in video marketing, don’t discount social media platforms for sharing video either. Each day, 75% of millennials watch videos on social media. Facebook has become an influential platform for watching videos, especially among mobile users. Indeed, 92% of mobile users who consume video share it with others./ Not only should you break into video marketing to grow your business, but you should also post and share your videos across the right platforms.

Video Marketing Generates 66% More Qualified Leads Per Year:

We’ve seen what an impact video marketing can have on your business. It increases engagement, boosts conversions, and promotes your brand. Video has a great ROI, as well. Including videos in emails leads to a 200% – 300% increase in click-through rates In addition, 88% of marketers say they’re satisfied with their returns on video marketing.

Consequently, video marketing doesn’t just get you more leads overall, it gets you better ones. 65% of senior executives who find a brand’s website through YouTube is the perfect example. If you’re willing to put more into your video production, with a value-based approach, you can reach more qualified leads.

Final Thoughts:

There are many statistics out there about the effectiveness of video marketing. You don’t need to read them all, however, to know that it can help expand your business online. As a video production agency in Brighton, no one knows this better than CoolBox Films.

Tom Bainton – Director at CoolBox Films where the company has had over 20 years of experience in making moving pictures that provoke a reaction. Working with big-budget ads to fast turnaround internal communication pieces, from shorts at festivals and promos on the TV, to full-fledged films.


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