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15 Dos and Don’ts of Getting Healthy.

Getting healthy isn’t a one time thing. You don’t get healthy, and then magically stay that way forever. You need to make sure you maintain it as best you can in the long run. It’s a journey; and ongoing thing. You don’t do it once like so many people believe you do. Here are 15 dos and don’ts of getting healthy, so you can be sure you’re doing it right:

Do Make it Sustainable

You need to make your new routine sustainable enough to stick to in the long run. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to stick to it. This means you need to find exercise you enjoy, food that’s healthy that you enjoy, and other ways of sticking this out. It’s a lifetime thing!

Don’t Do Too Much at Once

Doing too much all at once will likely overwhelm you. If you have never exercised or paid attention to what you eat before, doing it all at once could be too much for you. Start by overhauling your diet and then incorporating more exercise slowly.


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Always Aim for Improvement

Always aim to improve in some way or another. Making smaller goals to help you reach your bigger goals is a really effective way of getting better. Even if your goal is to simply improve your form on an exercise, or do one more rep. Even if it’s just to cut down the amount you drink diet drinks. Always aim for improvement. As long as you know you’re doing your absolute best, then that’s OK. The only person you have to impress or beat, is yourself.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Sometimes, you might slip up. Maybe you’ll have one too many slices of pizza, or you smoke a cigarette. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you’re not going to continue making the same mistakes and excuses, you can move on. You’ll do so much better if you just accept what has happened and move on. The more you dwell, the more likely you are to do it again. Find ways to avoid making the same mistakes, like identifying your triggers. If going to your grandma’s house hungry makes you gorge on her lemon cake, eat dinner before you arrive.

Do Make Sure It’s for the Right Reasons

You want to ensure you’re getting healthy for all of the right reasons. You won’t usually stick to it ‘just because’. You need a stronger reason, such as your kids or grandkids. Maybe you want to improve the condition of an illness you currently have. Many people quit smoking for their children. They know it’s bad for their health, but it isn’t a good enough reason for them to quit. They think of their kids and that’s enough for them to give up. Many of them start by purchasing a temperature control box mod and going from there.

Don’t Lose Sight of Why You’re Doing This

Don’t lose sight of the reasons you’re doing this. You want to see your kids grow up, live a better quality of life, whatever. Whatever your reasons, make sure you keep them in mind. You can even create a vision board that you can look at every day to encourage you to continue.

Do Focus on Mind as Well as Body

It isn’t just about keeping your body healthy, but your mind too. You can keep your mind healthy through meditation techniques, positive affirmations, and more. Don’t let things get to you as easily. You can’t control things that happen to you, but you can control the way you react to them.

Don’t Get Into Fads

Fad diets and things are never healthy, so don’t bother getting into those. Instead, focus on eating right, getting exercise, and doing it the right way. In general, the longer it takes, the longer your results will last.

Do Allow a Treat Sometimes

You can’t stop yourself from having treats altogether. Allow a treat sometimes. Maybe your favorite tipple or a bar of chocolate. Just make sure you can stop when you need to.

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Don’t Tip the Balance

Tipping the balance is a big problem for many people. Avoid having too much to drink, eat, or too much time off. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about how well you’re doing.

Do Accept Things You Can’t Change

If you have an illness or something you can’t change, you need to accept it. Research ways you can make yourself feel better or dull the symptoms of your illness and do your best. Don’t dwell on it or let it get you down for too long. You’re bigger than any illness you may have, and it doesn’t define you.

Don’t Think Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are a big problem with so many people these days. If a negative thought about yourself or somebody else enters your head, let it pass. Don’t put too much energy on focusing on it. Try to turn negative thoughts to positives. The more you do this, the more naturally it’ll come.

Do Get Help if You Need it

There’s no shame in needing help. If you need help with drinking, smoking, drugs, or food, see a support group. Go to rehab. Do something constructive that will help your recovery. Do it sooner rather than later!

Don’t Blame Anybody Else

Nobody else is to blame for your health. Take responsibility, and don’t excuses. The only person you’re really trying to convince it’s not your fault is yourself.

Do Remove Yourself from Unhealthy Situations

If you’re ever in a situation where food/drugs/alcohol are going to be a problem, remove yourself. Taking yourself out of these situations will make it so much easier! Don’t worry about what others think.

Use these 15 dos and don’ts of getting healthy and you’ll live a long, happy life. You only get one, so don’t take it for granted. Make sure you don’t compromise your quality of life later on by starting now. Good luck!


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