10 items that every dog person should have

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You are aware that the pet industry is worth hundreds of billions of US dollars worldwide, right? You should also know that the vast majority of this massive economy is backed by dog owners/parents and that there are genuinely cool and useful things out there that every dog person should have. To give you a better idea which tools/things/devices can make your daily life with a dog much better, we have listed 10 such items. So, without further ado, here’s what you should have if you have a dog. In no particular order.

A toothbrush

For one thing, it’s never a bad idea to have a nice, white smile. From the other point of view, dogs have literally no other ways to clean their teeth by themselves. Thus, you need to help them out. By getting a good regular and a finger toothbrush, the person can remove any residue and tartar that has accumulated. This is much healthier than just leaving those things be and it also prevents bad smell. 

An orthopedic bed (memory foam, preferably)

Dog beds are not a must-have but they are definitely the best thing in terms of a comfortable place to chill in, for your dog. Orthopedic dog beds seem to be the most versatile and beneficial choice. They are especially great for senior dogs or those breeds that can suffer from joint or muscle problems. However, at the same time, memory foam or different sorts of orthopedic dog beds can also help a young puppy or a middle-aged dog feel super fine. These beds are designed to help relieve stress and any kind of pain that a dog might feel in his/her muscles or joints.

An electric nail grinder

An electric dog nail grinder is far superior to regular nail clippers. To begin with, it allows for a much more precise nail grooming experience. Next, a grinder is much safer and the risk of harming your pup is non-existent. On the other hand, if you’re using a set of clippers, you have to be super careful in order not to cut too much into the nail. A grinder also works quickly. The only thing is that when you’re using it for the first time or the first few times, make sure to let it run near the dog so they get used to it. The quiet-er the device, the less time it takes for the dog to get used to it.

A personalized collar with a tracker

Personalized collars are always cool. They help add more personality and uniqueness to every dog. However, at the same time they can be used to identify your dog if it gets astray or lost. A collar with a tracker is a step forward in the same direction. Such collars have an embedded GPS tracker which can show you the location of the collar and your dog in real-time. So, if they manage to run away or do something silly and you lost them – no worries. Use the tracker app or the link and you’ll immediately locate them, even if they’re far away from home.

Hair remover

Dogs shed. That’s no secret nor surprise. However, the surprise is actually how of the hair there can be and how is it able to appear in so many places. This is why you need a hair remover. It will help you clean your clothes before strutting outside, going to a restaurant or an important job interview. 

Healthy treats

Treats are always a good idea if you want to make your dog do something or behave and obey your commands. Healthy treats are even better because you can satisfy and train your dog without risking to overfeed them and allowing them to gain weight. There is a huge diversity of dog treats out there in the market, so you can try out different things until you find something that your four-legged friend absolutely craves.

Repellent sprays

Repellent sprays are a great buy when you’re trying to train a dog or to get rid of aggressive, destructive or unwanted behavior. Spray them on a spot or near the dog to help them understand that certain zones are no-go or that certain actions aren’t very nice and won’t be encouraged nor tolerated. Keep in mind that not 100% of the dogs respond to repellent sprays. Some of them are just ignorant.

A paracord leash

Paracord leashes are much stronger and more durable than regular ones. There are some neat and creative designs out there as well.

Special dog shampoo

Regular shampoos aren’t suited for dogs. They will dry out their skin and won’t do too much good. That’s why you need some special shampoo for dogs. They shouldn’t be super expensive and since they need shampooing every 6 weeks or so, the bottle will last you for a long time. Dog shampoos help the hair stay strong, glow bright and the skin remains oily.

A chewy toy with benefits to dental health

Dogs love the chew. They always have and always will. However, instead of leaving them free to chew on whatever they wish like furniture legs, pillows or something that you value, give them a chewy toy. There are chewy toys/toothbrushes that do two jobs at once. There are also toys which are designed to better dental health. Look for those if you want to improve the quality of life for your pet. 



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