10 Creative and Easy Craft Knife Hacks

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The craft knife is a must-have for any avid crafter, whether you fancy yourself a craft hobbyist or an artist by trade. It’s the perfect tool for your artistic toolkit. Craft knives boast a wide array of creative uses and easy hacks. 

You can think outside the box when you utilize a craft knife. Having precision craft knife at your disposal will only elevate your work and help take you to the next level as a crafter. With a craft knife in hand, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of craft knife hacks and creative ideas to add to your arsenal.

Craft Knife Creative Uses

Cake Art

Yes, cake art! You can utilize a craft knife to create designs in fondant. You can carve, sculpt, and cut delicate creations in your cake. Of course, you want to wait about 10 minutes for the fondant to harden before making any cuts. 

You can trim excess fondant, use your craft knife to score said fondant, and create the quilted design look among many other patterns. 

Applique Work in Leather 

Up your leather game by utilizing a craft knife to make applique work in leather. This consists of cutting out a design or shape in a piece of colored leather. Then, you sew it onto a larger piece of leather. 

Start by tracing out the shape you want on the grain side of the leather. You can use a pencil or an awl. Then, utilize your craft knife to cut along said tracing and remove the shape. 

Since you’re cutting a tougher material, it’s best to invest in a craft knife with a safer edge. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself while doing something you love. 

Highlights and Shading in Colored Pencil Creations

If you enjoy coloring with colored pencils, consider adding your craft knife into the creative equation. You can utilize a craft knife to create highlights in colored pencil shading. 

The great thing about using a craft knife for creating highlights/shading in colored pencil creations is that the blade is versatile. You can go for light, delicate touches or add more shading for a dramatic, emphasized effect. 

Scoring Boards 

The craft knife is great for scoring boards. Plastic scoring boards are more common, but you can use your craft knife for cutting paper just enough so folding it becomes easier. You simply place your paper on top of said scoring board and go to town!

Carving Rubber Stamps

Believe it or not, craft knives are excellent for carving rubber stamps. First, plan out the image you want to carve. Trace it out onto tracing paper. Next, place the tracing face down onto a rubber eraser or carving block. Make sure to rub the image with a pen bottom to transfer it onto the eraser.

Then, outline the image with the blade of your craft knife at a 30- to 45-degree angle. You don’t want to plunge the blade too deeply into the eraser. Just light slicing is required here. 

Creating Nail Art

You can utilize your craft knife to create some seriously spectacular nail art. Everything from nail extensions to color blocking acrylics to shaping wet beads, the craft knife comes in handy for getting crafty with nails. 


If you love stenciling, then the craft knife should be in your crafting kit. You can use a craft knife to cut unique stencil designs. The blade is perfect for cutting intricate, delicate designs with clear and clean edges. 

Making a Pencil Roll

Do you find yourself encumbered with an overabundance of pencils and no place to store them? Make a pencil roll! All you’ll need is some felt, string, and your craft knife. 

You can use your craft knife to create two holes through which to slide the pencils. Then, the string ties it all up in a roll. It’s a unique way to store your supplies.

Light-Up Mason Jar 

Here’s a fun project to do with your kids. Create a light-up mason jar that can serve as a delightful nightlight. Use your craft knife to cut out constellations that’ll be placed inside the jar, along with a roll of tinfoil. Add a tea light in the center, turn off the lights, and marvel at the glowing stars before you. 

Water Bottle Bracelets

Now, here’s another crafty idea for the whole family. You can utilize your craft knife to make water bottle bracelets. Simply cut out the bracelets from the bottom of the water bottle. You can make them as wide as you like. 

Then, wrap some ribbon around the bracelet until the plastic is fully concealed. Use masking tape to secure the ribbon. If you’re feeling really creative, you can add fun decorations to spice up your creation. 

A craft knife is a one-stop-shop for marvelous works of art. Armed with a craft knife, your artwork can be limitless. 



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