You Will Know When It is Finally Time to Leave and Start a New Life

 You might have gone back and forth in your decision to leave and move to a new place. Just when you think you have already made up your mind, you realize some thing and you change plans again.

It is understandable to be fickle-minded when it comes to a major decision like this. Moving to a new place means starting your life from scratch. You might have to start a new job, build relationships with neighbors and deal with a change in lifestyle.

It does not mean that these changes are bad. You will just have a hard time accepting the fact that you are moving, and it is time to start over again. It can also be very painful especially if you have loved the place where you currently live and you have resided there for several years.

It is such a huge dilemma and at some point, you won’t know what to do. You try weighing the pros and cons, but you are still at a crossroads.

The first thing you need to do is give yourself time to reflect. This is a decision that you should not hurry. You don’t want to give up everything you have now just to regret later the kind of life that you have chosen.

In the end, you will know when it is really time to leave. You might write all the advantages and disadvantages, but your heart will surely tell you what the right decision is. Whatever your heart tells you, follow it.

 An alternative choice

If you really want to move to a new place but you are afraid of the risks, there is another choice. You can move there temporarily. You can keep your old place for now and just take some of your stuff. Your family might even decide to stay first and follow later. Test the waters and see if you are fine with the new place. You can finalise your decision after some time. If you think that the new place is good and your family would also love it, sell your old home and pack all your stuff. On the other hand, if your new job sucks and the location is bad, there is no shame in going back home. Giving yourself time to test everything makes you see the pros and cons of both sides.

Just do what is right

In the end, you just have to feel it. Let your heart tell you what to do. Don’t think too much. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be practical. It means that you do whatever makes you happy. Things will just fall into place once you have a place that you can call home.

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