Work for the Government? 5 Ways You Can Save More Money On Everyday Things

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Government jobs are great because they provide a lot of reliability and stability. Job security is so desirable. Unfortunately, the pay isn’t always the best. As the cost of living increases, workers are feeling the pinch in their wallets.

Shopping smart can alleviate some of the financial pressure. But it’s not always easy to know where to find the best deals and what’s available out there. Government employees may not realize how many discounts and perks they can access. The list ranges from baseball tickets to rental cars, and most only require proof in the form of an ID. Here are five ways government employees can save on everyday things.

Lower Costs on Higher Education

There are a lot of potential savings available for government employees who want to earn a degree or certification. They may be looking into higher education for the first time or interested in changing directions in their careers by earning a new degree. Either way, savings of 10 percent or more on tuition can add up.

Many of the colleges and universities that extend a discount to government employees offer flexible, online programs. This is an excellent option for those who need to continue working part- or full-time but also want to earn their degree.

Save Big on Auto Insurance

Many government jobs require workers to live in and travel to cities. Auto insurance is usually more expensive in these places. It’s too risky not to have auto insurance, but high premiums can eat up a lot of the household budget. One way to cut costs is to check for government employee discounts. Many GEICO reviews show that they offer both a federal employee discount and a military discount to its policyholders.

Another company that focuses on government employee support is USAA. It extends insurance policies to active-duty military, as well as honorably discharged service members and their families. It offers competitive policy rates and a few extra discounts. USAA is often the lowest-priced insurance when people compare auto insurance quotes.

Two available discounts for military people are the vehicle storage and the military installation discounts. People who need to store their vehicles can save up to 60 percent, and people who park their vehicles in a garage in a military installation can save up to 15 percent.

Smart About Phone Costs

Landline days are long gone for most people, but cellphone costs seem to go up every year. Family plans can get very pricey. One way to make the cellphone bill a bit more reasonable is to check for a government discount. The four biggest carriers all offer discounts, some as high as 25 percent. That’s a great saving that will add up over time.

Not only can government employees save on their cellphone bills, but they can also get a good discount on phones and accessories. Be careful to check the discount fine print. Some carriers only offer these discounts to new accounts and won’t apply them to existing accounts. People can verify their employment usually with a paystub or government ID online or in-store.

Destination Savings

Whether traveling for work or fun, getting from one place to another can get very expensive. Government employees can score decent discounts on flights by calling the airline they want to use. The airline will verify government employment. The catch is that for most airlines, the discount is only for work-related flights.

Another way to get from A to B is to rent a car. Many of the bigger car rental agencies offer up to 25 percent off the cost of the rental with government employment verification. On top of the discount, some car rental agencies will also waive certain fees. The rental does not have to be for work purposes, which means that when vacation time rolls around, taking the family on a road trip won’t break the bank.

Savings By State

State government employees can access significant savings negotiated on their behalf. Many states have a website portal that allows them to sign up and verify their employment just once. Then they can access all the benefits through the portal. Other state websites may simply list the businesses, and government employees will have to call or go to the website of the business themselves.

Other agencies, like the USPS, have a savings and discount program. USPS employees receive many of the same benefits that federal employees get. City employees may also have a similar program. The human resources department is a great place to ask for a list of businesses that offer discounts and perks.

The Savings Add Up

Nobody likes to throw money away. When government employees take advantage of discounts on the things they already enjoy doing, they can save big bucks. That money can go into a rainy day fund or could pay for a few extra days of vacation. Plus, it feels wonderful to make each dollar count.




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