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Why Sneakers Are Getting So Much Attention

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It’s not all the time that you can get the latest release for your most loved shoes. Most of the time, you’ll end up with getting them months later on because they’re always out of stock every time you visit the shoe store. It’s going to frustrate you later on, which is why you need to look for other options for you to get the shoes you like.

Most people would want the Foot Locker Nike experience because they’re one of the many shoe stores that usually have early releases of shoes you wouldn’t see in any other stores. Most of the time, people would wait for long hours outside of these stores because the shoes they’re planning to buy only sell for a period. Here are some reasons why sneakerheads do their best to get the latest shoe releases.

Resellers Making a Profit

Nowadays, you can see many of your friends or people you don’t know selling limited shoes. This is one method for resellers to get an edge at the shoe market. They would go through lengths just to get that shoe because original releases would usually come around once a year. Once they get their hands on those newly released shoes like the nike air force off white sneakers, they can be sold for an even higher price when people are looking for one.

This is what you would call a “sneaker plug.” They are the ones who find the most unique and special shoes out there in the market and sell them to people for a certain amount. If you’re planning to become a sneaker plug, you need to put in a lot of effort to get those shoes from stores like Foot Locker.

Collaborations With Other Brands

If you’re familiar with the brand Dior, you’ve already seen the hype around the Jordan 1 x Dior shoe that’s been circulating around social media for a while now. This collaboration is getting so much attention because of the quality of the shoe, the rareness, and its absurd price of $2,000. It’s considered as one of the most expensive Air Jordan shoes up to date, except for the Converse Fastbreaks that were worn by Michael Jordan during the 1984 Summer Olympics between the USA versus Spain priced at nearly $200,000

Usually, these collaborations only have a limited stock, which means not everyone can get the original pair. Although there are some who would go for the low-quality or near-perfect imitation shoes, it’s still a different feeling when you’re wearing one of the most expensive shoes in the shoe market today.

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Adding it to the Shoe Collection

While some people love wearing shoes, others would keep it with them and display them. You can say that it’s a hobby of theirs, and it’s also an expensive hobby to do. Collecting rare, expensive shoes is actually an investment if they’re handled with extreme care. There are only a few who would have a gigantic collection of sneakers because the shoes can be difficult to maintain to its near perfect condition all the time.

If you’re an aspiring sneakerhead, be sure to check out some of the stores, such as the Foot Locker Nike experience. Even if you can’t get the latest shoe release, those stores always have other shoes that you might like more than the newly released ones.


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