Why is a wedding photographer so important for your big day?

We only get a handful of significant moments in our lives, and weddings happen to be one of them. For most people, weddings are a milestone, a mark of a whole new chapter of their lives with their chosen person. It’s a big deal. Unfortunately, though, couples only get to bask in this euphoric note for what seems like an instance before it’s time to call it and stow away that gorgeous wedding dress or shoes in the back of their closet, never to be seen again. Sad, right? When one thinks back to all the time, effort, resources, and thought put into setting up their big day only to have it all gone in less than 24 hours, that wedding bell ring gets a little glum.

Five reasons why you need a professional photographer at your wedding

Weddings are brief; there’s no changing that. What there is, however, is a chance at freezing those magical moments to keep them with us for a lifetime. That’s the beauty of wedding photography- it captures your nuptials in beautiful stills that tell a story so you can look back and cherish every single moment that unfolded at your wedding. Still not convinced? Here are five compelling reasons to hire professional photography services for your wedding.

Catch missed moments

Weddings are typically crammed with so many emotions and activities, and as much as you’d want to take them all in, you’re unlikely to catch all the action in real-time, and that’s where a photographer steps in. The photographer will keep their eyes out for all those memorable moments, so you don’t have to miss out on any of those bomb dance moves your bridal party had in store or your guest’s first look as you walked down the aisle. Trust me; it’ll all be worth it.

It’s all in the details.

We know how much thought and effort goes into planning a wedding; it’d be a shame not to show all those details off. Adding a photographer to your list of vendors presents you with the perfect opportunity to highlight every aspect of your wedding. From the stationery to the initials engraved on your shoes and the picture-perfect dessert station, your photographer will be sure to capture it all. While some might argue that these details won’t count as much, we maintain that they’re everything.

Refines and retouches

No doubt Uncle Tom could get some good shots of you exchanging your vows, but would he be able to balance out those contrasting hues and colors? Or tame those stubborn flyaways that act up with the wind? Not quite. Hiring professional wedding photography services guarantees you flawless, refined, and retouched images, so you don’t have to worry about outdoor exposure working against your photo session with the groomsmen.

Treasured keepsakes

Everyone loves a good souvenir, and wedding photographers offer you just that. Wedding pictures are the perfect keepsake for couples; they’ll remind them of all the love and support they received from close friends and family on their big day years down the line. On the other hand, those arguments with your grandkids on who rocks a three-piece suit better than you will always be settled when you pull out that wedding album decades from now.

Expertise and professionalism

Yes, the service costs a dime but is it not worth knowing that you don’t have to worry about getting your angles and shots right? Wedding photographers are experts in their field with years of experience and skills to play their role without supervision; this should assure you that your wedding images will come out great as your camera person has their craft perfected to the core. On top of that, most wedding photographers are governed by a contract, so you should expect the utmost professionalism throughout their interaction with you.

Quality output

High-definition images, glossy finished printed photographs, you name it, the wedding photographer will show up and show out with their output. As a rule, these individuals come equipped with the best photography tools in the market to secure unbeatable picture quality for the client. So while you’re worried about the lighting in your cathedral, your photographer will be feet away, tweaking their camera settings and light fixture to capture your big moment in all of its fine glory. Also, photographers are known to switch up their pictures to match their client’s theme and style; this way, your wedding images speak volumes about that Gatsby-themed reception you had in mind.

Parting shot

The decision on whether or not you should hire professional wedding photography services is personal; however, there is no question that the move is beneficial. Couples utilizing photographers to weave their wedding into visual storytelling images stand to delightfully look back at all those memorable moments long after their guests are gone. Something they would have missed had they not had a wedding photographer to look out for them. Ultimately, if we were to take a vote on adding photographers to every wedding planning couple’s list of vendors, we’d take a positive stand with no hesitation. The pros match the hype.



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