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What you need to know about water ionizers

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Water Ionizers are one of the many important appliances for the household which you cannot afford to do without. They help in increasing the water value by increasing the water pH level, which is important for the body. 

There are several benefits that the body gets when you drink water, with the body being made up of 60% water. That is why you have to ensure that, at any given time, you are well hydrated for the body system to function well.

When you drink clean water, you ensure that you get maximum benefits from the water in the body. But you can even make it better by using water ionizers to make the water alkaline ionized water. 

What is a water ionizer?

Water ionizers are appliances found in the kitchen, used to purify as well as increase the PH level of the water. It is achieved by them ensuring to separate alkaline, and acidic components through the use of a process that is electrical, referred to as electrolysis.

PH level is the measure of alkalinity and acidity of a compound on a 1-14 scale. If the compound is found to be below seven on the PH scale, then it is highly acidic. When the compound is above the seven marks on the PH scale, then it is alkaline. If the compound is at PH7, then it is considered to be neutral.

The normal tap water has a PH scale of 7, but depending on your location, the source where your water comes from, and the amount of pollution in the environment, the water can turn to be highly acidic.  That is where the water ionizers come in to play. The alkaline ionized water consists of alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are very important in the body. 

The water ionizers also have ORP – negative oxidation-reduction potential, enabling the water to act as an oxidant. The higher the negative ORP, the more antioxidizing water tends to be. 

The Importance of having alkaline ionized water

The water that is alkaline ionized has liquid antioxidants, absorbing faster in the body when compared to the regular tap water. That is why it is essential to know the health benefits which are linked to it.

The following are some of the benefits which come with regularly drinking ionized water:

  • Water that is alkaline ionized helps in neutralizing the acid in the stomach as well as the bloodstream. It helps in deactivating the pepsin enzyme, which is responsible for the acid influx. 
  • Water that is alkaline ionized has calcium and magnesium, which are essential in ensuring that the bones remain healthy and strong. 
  • With water that is alkaline ionized, your overall immune system will be improved as it neutralizes the acid found in the body.
  • Alkaline water tends to have more properties of hydrating. It gives the body the liquid antioxidants, which have smaller molecules that are easily absorbed in the body, thereby boosting fast re-hydration. It is something that comes in handy, especially if you are a hardcore athlete, and you have been working out hard. 
  • When you regularly drink ionized water, it slows down ageing. It is because the alkaline ionized water antioxidants help to prevent the cells from getting damaged. 

Factors to consider before buying water ionizers

Now that you understand the importance of water ionizers, you will need to know what you ought to consider before you make the purchase. Check out the purewaterguide.net to get more information. 

  • Plates: The type and number of plates are some of the essential factors that you have to consider before buying a water ionizer. There are a variety of plates in the market, which include:
  • Solid plates: It is one of the oldest plates that has been in the market for a while, originally designed for longevity and strength.
  • Solid mesh hybrid: They have combined characteristics of the solid and mesh plates, making it to have the best durability and electrolysis.
  • Mesh plates: They are seen to be great in conducting electricity. But they tend not to last for a long time like the solid plates.
  • Warranty: Get a brand that has a more extended warranty so that you are assured of the durability and protection of your machine.
  • Durability: Depending on the duration, you want your water ionizer to work, the quality, type, and price will play an important role in determining its durability. 
  • Prices: Prices might tend to vary according to type, brand, and quality. Your needs and budget will be what will determine this.
  • Functionality: You have to ensure that the water ionizer is functioning properly before you pay for it. It should be in a position to separate the alkaline and acidic streams in an organized manner.




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