What To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Backpack

The choice of tourist backpack must be approached thoroughly. At the time of the hike (probably not one) it will be the closest thing to you, which lies on your shoulders and warms your back.

The right backpack should be chosen as clothing or shoes, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. The choice largely depends on whether the upcoming trip will be a daily flour or will be remembered for its good impressions.

On the market there are a huge number of models of tourist backpacks, go to understand what meets the conditions of the upcoming trip, not easy.

For trekking models of backpacks functionally different depending on the complexity, duration and conditions of the upcoming trip.

Trekking can be divided into three types:

1) independent mountain hike – all things, products and equipment participants carry in backpacks;

2) trekking with a porter – the main cargo is carried by carrier guides (porters), travelers carry only their personal belongings and drink. This type of trekking is popular on high mountain routes in the Himalayas (Nepal, India, etc.) 

3) hiking or light trekking – moving between mountain hotels and huts (refugi), which provide accommodation and meals. There are many such routes in Western Europe, USA and other developed countries. Travelers need to carry only personal belongings, a little snack and a sleeping bag (not necessarily).

The main criterion for choosing a backpack is the volume of goods to be carried.

The value of this characteristic can be specified by manufacturers in different ways. In some cases, the volume of only the main compartment, without taking into account external pockets, in others – the capacity of all compartments. The most famous manufacturers specify the volume of the main compartment and additional pockets separately.

Note that the volume of pockets is an auxiliary value, and when choosing a backpack should be guided by the volume of the main compartment. So, for an independent hike (see above the first type of trekking) requires a backpack volume of 50 to 90 liters, for the second and third variant is enough to have a backpack of 30-50 liters.

Taking into account the fact that men in the group, as a rule, carry most of the equipment and products, they are taller (bigger volume of things and sleeping bag), they need 5-10 liters more rucksacks than women.

For women, some manufacturers of equipment produce special models of backpacks, designed taking into account the structure of the female figure. 

Basic criteria for choosing a backpack for travel

  • versatility (must replace the backpack, bag, suitcase);
  • easy access for things in the middle and at the bottom of the backpack (so as not to feel pinched after your favorite suitcase);
  • attractive appearance, allowing you to feel “at ease” with a backpack in a five-star hotel, and wear it not only with camping clothing;
  • rain-cover – well-known brands are not too lazy to add rain protection to their backpacks. There is also a waterproof bag. It is a piece of water-repellent material by the size of the backpack, which is easy to hide in a small pocket. In budget models are less common, but to buy it must!
  • a large number of pockets and compartments to accommodate a variety of small items and convenient access to them;
  • the ability to transform a backpack pocket or valve into a separate small waist bag or backpack for short outings;
  • convenient suspension system; if you are counting on traveling in hot countries, the best ventilation in the shoulder and back area is desirable.



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