What Causes Burning Legs And Feet At Night?

A burning sensation may feel like sharp needles and hot, prickly pain. Generally, nerve damage is the cause of burning feet. 

A spokesperson from Knee Force explains “ These damaged nerve fibers send pain signals to the brain even though there is no wound, which results in overly sensitive limbs and varying degrees of burning pain. Damaged nerve fibers could occur from and sort of activity, including something as simple a hiking” 

The burning sensation in the feet can also be caused by the following reasons:

  • Leg injury for example sustained while hiking
  • Extreme coldness
  • Burns, such as sunburn
  • Intense and strenuous exercise
  • Exposure to poisonous compounds

Leg burning sensation can result from a number of different causes, including nerve or skin damage in the legs due to extreme exposure to heat, cold, or toxic substances. It can also result from an intense exercise, a leg injury, or a circulation problem that impairs blood flow to the legs. 

Alternatively, burning legs may be caused by an autoimmune disorder or other chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Another possible cause could be the compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which results in pain in the outer thigh. 

“This may occur along with other symptoms affecting the legs, including numbness, bleeding, pain, blistering, tingling, redness, and swelling.” explains Jim from Ankle Action.

Can stress cause burning sensation?

Stress and anxiety can constrict the blood vessels in your body. This, in turn, can cause burning, tingling, and other sensations as to your lower legs and arms as an active stress response. This feeling of heat in the limbs can occur with or without an anxiety attack.

If you experience the said condition, consider seeking treatment from your doctor or a licensed health care practitioner to reduce the risk of potential complications. Failure to seek professional medical help can result in serious damage and permanent complications, including: 

  • Limb removal
  • Chronic pain
  • Brain damage
  • Nerve damage 

What home remedies can stop my legs from hurting at night?

Some home remedies to manage these health issues at home include resting the strained muscle by applying ice to the area. The burning sensation should go away soon afterward if it is caused by intense exercise. On the other hand, if the leg burning feeling is caused by overexposure to the sun, applying a wrapped cold pack to the sunburned area and moisturizing the skin can aid the healing process. 

When should I seek medical help?

Describing the specific location of the burning sensation, numbness, or tingling can help your doctor make a diagnosis. It is also vital to seek immediate medical attention if the burning sensation in your leg suddenly appears and is accompanied by the following conditions:

  • Headache
  • Decreased level of consciousness
  • One side of the body feels numb or weak

The treatment of burning legs may depend on the underlying cause, so it is important to have an accurate diagnosis to expect a full recovery in the least amount of time. Consult with a doctor to find a treatment that works to help alleviate pain and other symptoms. If the burning sensation lasts longer than expected or reacts negatively to the medication, ask about other treatment options as soon as possible. 



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