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Are you undecided who should play your wedding tunes? Here is everything you need to know to find the right music maker for your big day.

While the food served is one of the highlights of a wedding feast, your wedding reception tunes will undoubtedly add life to the party. When the music played is off, or the music maker itself is not in sync with the crowd, this could spell disaster. So it is a must that you only hire the best of the best, whether its live bands or djs buffalo ny.

But where do you start? How can you decide on the right music maker for your wedding party? What kind of musical entertainment do you think the guests will enjoy? One of the first steps in coming up with a decision is to list down what you want. Remember to consider other considerations. List down your budget, possible space requirements, the ages of guests who are coming, the type of music they will want to hear, including the dance tunes you want your guests to groove. If you have pondered on these, it is much easier to decide.

The vibe

Your choice of music does have a bearing on your party mood and tone. As such, your music should go well with your theme. Your music enhances whatever ambiance you wish your party to exude. And the genre you choose is like a preview of your personality type.  If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’re going to want to look at hiring wedding party bands. Are you a 70s fan? If you are, then you are the type who would choose disco tunes.

Slow to fast music

Guests come in all ages. There will be seniors who will choose to dance when the music is soft and mellow. A slow dance is what they prefer. But for those who belong to the younger generation like you, fast and lively music is enough to bring you to the dance floor. So make sure that you have a batch of slow and fast music to play. And whether you get a live band or a DJ, remind them to play a mix of slow and fast tunes for a lively crowd.

Your budget 

For obvious reasons, hiring a lone DJ will cost less compared with hiring a six-man live band. While DJs may have an assistant, you will still be paying more music players if you opt for a band. However, various DJs will command varied price ranges. Their asking price will depend on the type of equipment and gadget they are going to use and transport to your venue (It will help if you get the services of a DJ who operates within the area of your wedding venue). Also, if you happen to hire him weekends, expect him to charge a higher sum. But you will realize some savings if your wedding day happens to fall on a weekday. Do not forget that there are DJs who may charge sky-high rates, much higher than live bands. They belong to the elite group, the cream of the crop in the music entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, live band prices depend on the number of players in it. Most bands will also adjust their rates based on the number of hours you will require them to play as well as the season of the year. For instance, for December weddings, live bands could bill you more than any season of the year.

Space requirements

If you are eyeing a live band, you have to survey if your venue allows it. If they do, check if they have a large enough space not only for musicians but for the instruments as well. Some wedding venues may be ill-equipped for a live band. And a few may impose restrictions on bringing in music instruments and other related equipment like bulky speakers. So for live bands with a multitude of players and music instruments, you must check existing policies with venue owners if there are such restrictions.

The pros and cons

Live bands

If you favor sophistication, a live band is a smart choice. The leader of the band may also act the role of a host during your reception. As such, expect some interaction between him and your guests who are on the dance floor. Live performances are a pleasure to hear (and watch). Bands can alternately play as a group and may have instances when a solo performer (like a saxophone player) delivers soulful music.

But one of the drawbacks of choosing a live band is that the range of repertoire is not as many as when you hire a DJ. And do not compare how the band plays versus the original artist. It is close to impossible for a live band to match the tone and style of the original artist – an issue you will not come across with a standard DJ.

Standard DJs

DJs are perfect entertainers for all ages. And there is no denying that they are the in-thing in wedding receptions. His offered playlists are almost endless, but he will only take up limited space from the dancefloor. He can improvise and encourage guests to sing their hearts out during a sing-along activity. One possible drawback is that when you happen to hire someone who lacks the charisma which a typical DJ should have.


Live band or DJ? These points will help you choose which one stands out. If you are happy with your choice, then it is the one.



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