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Ways To Avoid Modafinil Customs Seizure

Modafinil is considered as one of the most used nootropics by young adults. In fact, it is already keeping up with Adderall as the most popular brain enhancer for students. There are users who believe that this is so much stronger than Adderall. Also, modafinil does almost everything that the other does, but even better. It helps with keeping your brain awake and taking up more information than you’re supposed to. It is so much stronger than caffeine as well, the most popular nootropic around the world. The side effects can be controlled as long as you know how to use it properly, and this article may help you out.

On the other hand, it is also a well-known fact that this particular drug cannot be purchased in pharmacies. It is only prescribed by the doctor and you need to present this before you can even have Modafinil. This is why most people go to other places just to find this particular drug. The need for this medicine also strikes up when there is an exam or a very important test coming up. Those who need it the most can have better performance with a much lower price as well compared to the pharmacies. However, there is one danger to ordering online: customs. Read about some of the details here:

How Customs Usually Work

Most packages are scanned by the airport and security personnel before you leave or enter the plane. This also goes with any kind of cargo as it is loaded on the plane. There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to any kind of package delivered through these systems. It is not a surprise that drugs like Modafinil is included in their banned list. Even though there is little to no evidence of dependency after constant use, it is still a prescription drug. Most of the time, this gets confiscated and you could face possible jail time.

There is usually a process that is being followed for all of these. They cannot just take your stuff obviously after they have seen it in the package. They would usually just take it and ask if you can provide with a kind of a permit that says you can buy these online. Usually, only doctors and select pharmacies can have them as they need them to provide prescriptions. However, if you can’t give them anything, then the customs are obliged to take and destroy it. They can also give you a notice like a seizure letter before doing so.

What Can You Do?

Here’s what you can do when this happens. You can always ask for a refund from your supplier since it was confiscated by the customs office. However, this would truly depend on your source. If you have gotten it from a good source, then there is a chance that this could be provided for you. Otherwise, then you have just lost a lot of money. This is why it is very important to choose which source you would like to buy from since this would also determine the quality of the product.

One of the best ways to avoid this kind of circumstance is ordering from local sources. However, this may only be applicable in bigger cities since it is a simple issue of supply and demand. In your local neck of the woods, this might be a bit harder to find. However, if you have found a good source near you, then you don’t need to worry about customs. You can also forget about the shipping fees, although these local stores might charge way more than what you buy online. This would really depend on the country where you are from. Modafinil is really popular in Canada and the United States so if you are living here then it is easier to find a source.

On the other hand, if you are living in a more secluded, conservative or heavily policed country, then this might be a harder feat. There is also the threat of being arrested because this might be considered as a “dangerous drug” in your area. You can always look for redirected package deliveries which would help in sending this to your home, it might cost more than your normal shipment, but at least you are safe from confiscation.



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