Watertown NY Used Honda Car Dealer Tips For Scoring A Great Priced Car

Gone is the stigma of getting a used car. Nowadays, a used car can make for a sound investment for people who are in the market for a reliable daily vehicle. There are so many of them available in the market and almost everyone is spoiled for choice.

Used car dealerships are the best places to go to score a great deal on a used Honda, but there are a couple of tips that people can use to drive prices even lower and score massive savings.

Narrow Down Your Choices Beforehand

There is a tendency for people to get distracted by salespeople when they get to the used car yard. There’s nothing wrong with this, but one might spend too much time on the wrong choices or exploring cars that they wouldn’t have any use in.

Prospective buyers should do their research on what cars would fit their specific needs beforehand. This may include looking up features online and checking out product lines dependent on their needs.

This helps save the buyer money because it emphasizes fixed budgets and the like.

Check out sites such as shophondacity.com to get information on cars that are great for your budget.

Check Out Multiple Dealerships to Get a Fix on the Price

There is usually more than one car dealership in any area, and prospective buyers should visit all of them to get a handle on the prices of the car that they are interested in. There could be different deals on the same vehicle in different places.

If people spend a lot of time looking for the best deals on platforms such as Amazon, then they should also invest some time in saving a few thousand dollars by checking out different dealerships around them.

Wait for Special Offers

Just like other brick-and-mortar stores, car dealerships have special offers, too. It could be a midyear sale or special holiday promotions. Prospective buyers can always ask a dealership in their neighborhood if they have any sales as of the moment.

The Financing is the Most Important Part

There will always be different financing options, and buyers should always aim to take advantage of any deals that are available. These could be deals on rebates or financing options with minimal interest rates.

Sometimes there could even be seasonal deals, and these are great for saving a couple of hundred dollars here and there.

Buyers should also be on the lookout for deals that offer zero percent interest; these make for the best deals.

Getting good financing options is one of the best ways to save money when buying a car.

What Comes Free With the Car?

Every car dealership offers a freebie, but that shouldn’t be the primary deciding factor in your purchase.

The way that freebies can be leveraged is if there are two similarly priced cars in two different dealerships. The cost of the freebies can then be factored to find out if it can make up for the difference. However, buyers should make that the freebies are actual things that they get for their cars, such as oil changes and nothing too shallow such as free car mats.

Try to Find Out About a Dealership’s Quota

Dealerships have quotas that they have to meet, and by asking around, a buyer can find out how far a dealership is from their quota. If one finds out that they’re behind on their quota, they can use this to their advantage since sales teams will be willing to sell for less to meet expectations for that period.

These quotas come with bonuses that outmatch whatever discount they give to buyers.

It might be challenging to find out at the beginning, but you’ll find that asking around does the trick.

Walk Away If You Have To

If there are plenty more fish in the sea, there are lots more cars on the streets. There is nothing wrong with walking away if you feel that the dealership is being unreasonable when it comes to pricing.

There will always be better deals somewhere else, and the only thing a buyer will sacrifice is the amount of time that they’ve spent in one dealership.


By employing a little patience and creativity, you can get great prices on your next car purchase. Used cars are great because they offer the same value, but they are cheaper than new ones.

Remember that you shouldn’t place all your hopes on one dealership and to do your research beforehand. Whether it’s for yourself or your teen, there are plenty of choices for your budget!




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