Water Field Designs iPhone Travel Case review!

Are you in need of a good Laptop case or better yet do you need a  travel case for your kids gaming system? Water Field Desings has everything you need. From laptop cases to iPhone, kindles and keyboard cases. I love this on-line store there’s so many travel cases to chose from and all made right here in the United States!

Water Field Designs was kind enough to send me a iphone travel case. ProductExpert already made an in-depth review on this one, so I will only be reviewing the experience and things that I find interesting with this.

This fully-padded pouch with self-locking zippers keeps your iPod or iPhone and its accessories safe, secure and tangle-free. Even when fully-packed, the case looks and feels thin and compact. It can be quickly stowed in a backpack, purse, or messenger bag. This water-resistant case comes in three sizes to hold your various gear loads. Pack it up, and hit the road. Priced from Small to Large ($34-$39)

My Husband and I have purchased so many travel cases for our children’s games & phones but none of them lasted or kept their electronics safe or secure. Many parents spend a lot of money everyday on electronic gadgets!! It’s a must to find a  good travel case that will  keep your personal property safe. I sent the Water Field travel case with my youngest daughter on a one day camp trip this week.

She was so excited to see all her electronics placed in a secured area within the case. We packed it  right in her backpack , it was signed sealed and delivered to her cabin room. She didn’t have to fumble threw her backpack to find her phone or games everything she needed was right there on hand in her travel bag.

I saw this sharp PS case and it’s just right for my older son. He carries his PS in his pocket sometimes or I’ll see it laying around on the table. This case is called the  PS Vita Cases it’s made from  soft, washable Ultrasuede that protects the PS Vita from nicks and bumps.

So stop wasting money on bulky travel case bags that don’t meet your needs just visit Water Field Designs they have it all!

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