Useful Tips To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Tossing and turning in your bed all night long can make you feel extremely fatigued the next day. If you have been facing difficulty in falling asleep, then you can try these tips before instantly jumping to sleep medications which are infamous for causing dizziness, appetite changes, and abdominal discomforts. 

Students often resort to caffeine before exams as it works as a stimulant and keeps you awake. If you are having difficulty sleeping, then you need to skip caffeine at least six hours before naptime. Tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, and certain pain relievers contain caffeine. Tobacco use is also restricted before bedtime. Alcohol might initially help you fall asleep but meddles with the sleep quality and increases the number of awakenings as the night progresses. It is advisable to restrain alcohol consumption at least three hours before bedtime.

  • Maintain A Soothing Pre-Bedtime Routine

Undertaking relaxing activities before bedtime like reading a book, taking a bath, and practicing meditation can help in falling asleep. You need to avoid stress triggers like discussing emotional issues or discussing pending assignments as they raise your anxiety levels. Psychologically and physically strenuous activities induce our body to release the cortisol or stress hormone which can add to our level of alertness. 

  • Get An Early Exercise

Exercise has proven to benefit your sleep schedules. However, you should refrain from doing it at night as it releases the cortisol hormone in our body and makes our brain extra alert. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall asleep. If you are keen on exercising, then you should do it three hours before bedtime. 

  • Follow A Sleep Schedule Consistently

Set the internal clock of your body by sleeping and waking up timely every night. Ideally, you should stick to this routine even on weekends so that you don’t wake up on Monday with a terrible hangover. Even if you get insufficient sleep the previous night, you should try and wake up at the same time. The additional sleep drive will cater to your sleep deficiency the following night. 

  • Have Light Evening Meals

Having a late-night pizza snack might seem like a tempting offer but it can increase your chances of insomnia. Foods causing indigestion should be avoided at night and you should finish your dinner well in advance of your bedtime. If you feel hungry at night then snack on carbohydrates and dairy foods which will not meddle with your sleep schedule. 

  • Don’t Stare At The Clock Too Often

Our stress levels are known to increase by starting at the bedroom clock while trying to sleep or when we awaken suddenly in the middle of the night. It also makes it harder to fall asleep once again. You can face away from the clock to keep such stressors at bay. 

Final Words

Following these lifestyle changes is bound to bring certain improvements to your sleep schedule. However, if your problem persists, then you can check in with your doctor for serious issues like sleep apnea wherein he will prescribe specialized devices from SomnoMed for preventing throat blockage. 


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