Types Of Power Tools You Should Know About

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Whether it is a small wood job at your house or a contract for a renovation, power tools often come in handy. They are designed to comply with both traditional and other contemporary jobs. However, there are many different kinds of power tools you can find in the market. 

Without knowing what purpose each is made for; it can be quite hard to find the perfect tool for the job. If you are planning a DIY project or just got interested in this community recently, this article is a perfect read. Here you will find listed the several types of power torque tools and their uses. 

     1. Side Grinder:

More commonly known as disc grinders or angle grinders, these are handheld power tools. Such tools are mainly used to polish, grind and even cut metal and other non-metal objects.

However, you will need a petrol engine, an electric motor or a compressed tool to run these tools. You can find side grinders in both cordless and corded forms. It is sometimes also used for smoothing out and cutting the rough edges of the wood, stone, metal and much more. 

     2. Power Saws:

One of the more popular kinds of power torque tools is power saws. However, there are many subgenres to this category, starting with the most popular, a bandsaw. 

This comes with a jagged, sharp blade that is fitted between wheels and used to cut into materials like metal and wood. The main objective of a bandsaw is to split the material into two equal halves. 

Next on the list is a chainsaw. This is a much more popular power saw and can easily be identified by the rotating teeth attached to the guide bar. The saw is powered via an engine that also has a battery pack inside it. 

Then there are circular saws. These come with abrasive and sharp blades that can cut into almost any kind of material in a circular motion. Unlike chainsaws, these are much safer to use as it comes with a top and side covering. 

Lastly, a miter saw. This is a heavy and quite a powerful tool that was designed to make cuts at different angles. This tool has a swing arm, on which there is a blade. This mechanism makes it easier to pivot at right angles. 

     3. Biscuit Joiner:

Also known as a plate joiner, such power tools are mainly used to join two pieces of wood. This tool consists of a small, rounded saw blade, which allows you to join two small holes on each piece of wood and join them. Once the cut is made, the compressed biscuit is then glued together join.

Where you would want to use the compressed biscuit, the joiner depends on the size of your project. Usually, it is best for joining sheet goods like particle boards, plywood and other medium-density fibreboards. 

     4. Power sanders:

Sanding is undoubtedly one of the more important aspects of carpentry and almost any other project. It helps remove dents and other marks on the product. While there are several kinds of sanders available in the market, the most useful and biggest one is a belt sander. 

This tool comes with a pair of clingers, an electric motor, and obviously sandpapers. Such a tool helps trim and finish wooden projects. They are also quite often used for smoothing, shaping and levelling out surfaces. 

These are some of the main types of power tools you will find in the industry. However, there are many manufacturers in the community as well. Therefore, before you invest in a product, make sure they have good reviews and are reputed in the industry. You can learn more about them on Alibaba Blog.


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